8 Reasons To Use Guava Leaves In Your Beauty Regimen

Who doesn’t love the sweet and tangy taste of Guava? Of course every one. Apart from platter, it has got its place in various herbal formulations as well. Even its leaves. Yes Guava leaves have also got medicinal properties due to which it is also being used widely in various herbal treatments. Guava leaves are rich source of anti oxidants, anti bacterial and anti inflammatory agents. Hence nowadays it is used in various hair care and skin care remedies as well. Today we will be discussing about the benefits of Guava leaves for skin and hair. Lets get started.

1. Dark Spot

Guava leaves helps to lighten the dark spots on your skin and also get rid of blemishes as well as pigmentation. You can make a paste pf Guava leaves and apply over affected area or you can add guava leaves juice in any homemade face mask to get the results

2. Itching

Guava contains high level of Anti inflammatory properties hence it is an excellent remedy when it comes to soothing itchy and irritated skin. It also contains allergy blocking compounds which helps to cure itching instantly. For the treatment, you can apply fresh juice of guava leaves on affected area.

3. Fine Lines & Wrinkles

We just discussed above that guava leaves are rich in anti oxidants. Due to this , it helps to fight with free radicals which caused external damage to the skin in the form of premature fine lines and wrinkles. Hence it is widely used in various anti ageing products. Apart from this it also helps to treat the crows feet and smile lines on your face.

4. Even Skin Tone

Due to High Anti oxidant content, Guava leaves helps in new skin cell regeneration. It helps to exfoliate the dead skin cell when apply topically and promotes fresh healthy skin cell. Hence Guava leaves are also useful in treating the hyper-pigmentation wherein it helps to exfoliate the dead skin and even out the skin tone naturally.

5. Acne

Guava leaves contain Anti bacterial properties. Hence it can be used to treat the acne as well. When apply topically it helps to kill the acne causing bacterial and its anti inflammatory properties help to reduce the size of the acne with regular usage. You can use guava leaves juice as a spot treatment for better results.

6. Blackheads

Guava leaves can be also used to treat black heads. The recipe is very simple. You would need to boil few guava leaves in water . Add a pinch of turmeric and blend this mixture. Now apply this paste on blackheads and let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Make sure you scrub your nose before the application of this mask.

7. Scalp Infection

Guava contains Anti bacterial properties which are very beneficial when it comes to treating the scalp infection. You would need to boil some guava leaves in water and use this as your final hair rinse. You may also massage your scalp with this water for better result.

8. Hair Loss

Guava leaves are great for treating your hair concerns as well. It helps to cure the scalp related concerns and hair fall as well. To combat the hair fall you would need to follow this simple recipe. Boil few guava leaves in water and strain it. Massage your scalp with this water and let it sit for half an hour. Wash off afterwards a shampoo.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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