8 Pure Natural Remedies For Hives

hives symptomsHives is a condition characterised by formations of red rings and patches of various sizes anywhere in the body. Caused by a chemical action that is triggered when an allergen touches or enters the body, hives can be extremely nerve wrecking.

The symptoms of hives are such that it keeps appearing in different parts of the body at varying intervals.

Whilst this condition is not all that serious when you consider some of the other serious skin disorders, hives cannot be completely ignored as well. It can cause difficulty in breathing and swallowing and also cause a lot of concern when it appears on the face and areas where it can be seen outside.

Intense itching is another reason that one cannot ignore this as a harmless skin problem. Frequent scratching can lead to secondary skin infections and hence it is important to treat hives, especially when it surfaces on children.

You need not worry about consuming antibiotics if you have fallen for an episode of hives. Countless natural remedies are there to service you thoroughly during these trying times. Here are few of the simple and very easy-to-try remedies for treating hives effectively.

Natural Remedies To Remove Hives

1. Importance of Removing the Allergen Causing Hives

As hives is a condition that is mainly triggered by allergens, apart from the other causes it becomes even more important to remove the allergen from the system and stay away from it to prevent getting further attacks. A number of foods can cause allergic reactions on people and can surface as skin lesions and ulcerations.

One must make an effort to isolate the allergy causing food from the whole lot and prevent oneself from coming into contact with that. Removing the allergen will help you to stay away from hives and prevent further episodes as well.

2. Importance of Avoiding a Stressful Life to Remove Hives

Stress is a major factor that can cause a number of serious and often life threatening diseases and disorders. Hives too can be caused due to extreme stress. More often than not, many internal problems of the body show itself as breakouts on the skin.

Stress could lead to more serious problems like heart attacks, increased blood pressure and stroke. So removing stress causing factors from your life is not just important to keep away annoying hives, but also to remain healthy all throughout your life.

3. Aloe Vera Gel for Treatment of Hives

aloe vera gel for hives

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If you have guessed that aloe vera could bust hives too, you are certainly right! This wonderful herbal remedy has been in the top list of skin care and has treated many a skin disorder with panache. If you can get hold of aloe vera stalk, you can cut it and extract the gel from inside and apply directly on the affected area. Aloe vera gel can be obtained from the market readymade as well.

Aloe Vera has great antioxidant properties and is a good source of vitamins necessary for skin revival and healing. Apply twice a day and leave it on the skin for removing the inflammation and redness of the skin. You can also take aloe vera in the form of supplements if there are recurrent episodes of hives that can become quite unmanageable.

4. Oatmeal Bath for Treating Hives

Oatmeal and skin go side by side when it comes to revival and healing. Hives can devour your sleep as the itching could be more intense while at rest. Oatmeal bath just before you head to bed will put all your worries, itches and body to rest peacefully without much itching. For making a bath out of oatmeal, grind oatmeal to a powder form and add it along with the warm water filled in the tub.

Soak your body into this water and relax for half an hour. When you are done, rest assured that you will have an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

5. Importance of an Anti Histamine Diet

As mentioned earlier, the chemical reaction caused by allergies in the body is the major cause leading to hives. The chemical, histamine has to be removed effectively from the system in order to remove hives completely. For this, you can add foods that provide anti histamine properties which will in turn reduce the symptoms of allergy greatly.

Few of the foods that you can include in your diet are kiwi fruits, tomatoes, citrus fruits, red pepper, broccoli etc. These foods have great antioxidant qualities and are rich in vitamin C which is needed for removing most of the skin problems and maintaining its health.

6. Cold Compress for Treating Hives

A cold compress can immediately relieve itching and swelling related to Hives. For this you can use ice cubes covered in a towel or ice packs that are sealed in bags. It can be applied as frequently as possible for five to ten minutes in order to minimise the discomfort and provide great relief. Cold compressors are the simplest form of hives treatment, but no less effective.

7. Treating Hives with Milk Compress

Another way to remove the inflammation caused by hives is to use a cold compress with milk instead of plain cold water or ice. For this you can refrigerate the milk and use this for cooling the skin affected by hives. You can also freeze the milk to form milk cubes and use it as an ice pack directly on the skin or covering it with a towel. Milk can remove the swelling caused by hives if done frequently every day.

8. Baking Soda Bath for Treating Hives

Baking soda is good for removing the surface layer of affected skin through exfoliation and also helps in restoring the ph balance of the skin. Fill the tub with warm water and add a cup of baking soda into it. Bask in this balancing water for at least half an hour every day. Once the skin regains its lost Ph balance, the road to recovery is a smooth and easy one and very much attainable.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.