8 Natural Cures For Anorexia Nervosa

Natural Cures For Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is an ailment that can happen to anyone. It is basically a disease where the individuals simply stops eating and loses appetite. Causes of this ailment range from a desire or obsession to lose weight to or could be due to emotional or social conflicts. Sometimes physical conditions also trigger off this problem like prolonged illness or related factors. In some cases, genetics too have a role here because individuals with tendency towards obesity, mood swings, depression are prone to the same.

Anorexia Nervosa

It is possible for one to get over the disease with the help of natural remedies. Since this is an eating disorder, the only normal or regular way to get back in shape would be by eating a balanced or nutritious diet. Doing so regulates the metabolism and helps the individual get back to regular weight or shape. Do remember that one should start off with smaller portions and then increase their diet as per appetite.

Here Are The Required Natural Cures:

1. Leafy Salads

Leafy salads are highly suggested for individuals suffering from this condition because it fills up the stomach, provides required nutrients and is still not very high on calories. Anorexia patients are obsessed about weight and hence a salad is a great way to encourage them to start eating rather than completely starving. Think spinach, broccoli, cabbage and other foods along with some lean meats and fishes to fill the stomach and provide a balanced meal.

Leafy Salads

2. Mint

Fresh mint is a great appetiser and helps to kick start digestive functions. You can prepare a couple of spoons of fresh mint juice in the morning. This helps to improve appetite and makes you crave for food. It can also be taken in fresh forms in salads and juices to help you feel hungrier.


3. Asafoetida

Grandam always suggested asafoetida to those suffering from digestive problems. It helps in restoring the digestive juices secretion, which in turn makes you hungrier. The powder also helps trigger of taste buds, which in turn makes you crave food. Simply heat a pinch in some ghee and add to vegetables or pulses.


4. Apple

Low once calories and high on taste, apples are surely a good way to keep the doctor away. But what the apple also does is that it helps you to stimulate protein digestion by releasing enzymes named pepsin. This further aids digestion. Eating too much can trigger off vomiting and digestive disorders in anorexia patients so apple is a great way to avoid this problem.



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5. Ginger

Another herb that helps to enhance hunger is ginger. It can be consumed in forms of tea, ins salads or even as a candy. A good way to have ginger wold be with some rock salt and lime. It tastes nice and triggers off appetite and improves hunger pangs too while fighting bacteria and soothing the stomach.


6. Orange or Sweet Lemon Juice

Orange or lemon juices are both very effective therapies for helping in curbing the problem of anorexia. You can have a glass of orange juice at least 3-4 times a day. This should be done for at least 3 days to get your body back in shape. However, this is like a detox therapy and you should not having anything else, in between and this applies to all solid and semi solid foods too. Sweet lemon can be consumed the same way too.

Orange or Sweet Lemon Juice

7. Garlic

For this remedy you can either consume a clove of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also take 3-4 garlic cloves and crush or grate them over your favourite salad. Basically garlic helps to cleanse the body internally and this increases your hunger pangs. As the digestive system is cleansed and toxins flushed out, you generally tend to feel hungrier.


8. Grapes

Another home remedy for treating anorexia is drinking the juice of grapes everyday. Juice of grapes boosts immunity, increase digestive functions and helps to improvise appetite. Drink at least one glass a day for about one week for best results.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.