8 Healthy Snacks To Keep Sweet Cravings At Bay

Healthy Snacks To Keep Sweet Cravings At Bay

For good health it is important to avoid sugars. But if you are born with a sweet tooth then this may be difficult. You might be able to avoid sweets for few hours or may be even few days but will soon switch to it .The sugar cravings may be just too hard to resist. But there is nothing to worry. There are some healthy snacks which you can have in order to overcome these sugar cravings.

Mentioned Below Are Few Such Healthy Snacks Which Will Help You Get Rid Of Sweet Cravings:

Low Fat Yogurt With Fruits:

Take a bowl of low fat unsweetened yogurt and add to it pieces of your favorite fresh fruit like strawberries, banana etc. This combination has fewer fats and more proteins. The fruits in the yogurt make it more nutritious and also help in satisfying your craving for sugar.

Low fat yogurt with fruits

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate has plenty of nutrients and less of sugar. It is good for the nerves and muscles and also a tasty way of keeping sugar away.

Dark Chocolate (2)

Delectable Fruit Kebabs:

Take your favorite fruits like strawberries, pineapple, apples etc and chop them into chucks. Spear them into skewers. Sprinkle a little pepper powder and salt on it and enjoy your fruit kebabs which are healthy and sweet.

Delectable fruit kebabs

Mashed Sweet Potato:

Sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness and can be used as a snack to get rid of sugar cravings. Boil and mash a sweet potato. To it add a little low fat milk and cinnamon and mix it up. Have this yummy mashed sweet potato whenever you feel the need to eat something sweet.

Mashed sweet potato

Fruit Sandwich:

Take two slices of whole wheat bread. Apply natural organic honey on bread slices. Arrange slices of your favorite fruits on it (apples, banana, kiwi, pears etc) on one bread slice. Cover it with the other slice of bread. Easy and tasty fruit sandwich is ready.

Fruit sandwich

Cheesy Nectarine Nibbles:

Take a few ripe nectarines and chop them into small pieces. Mix low fat cottage cheese to it and give it the shape of a cutlet or patty. Bake it and brush it with a little organic honey.

Cheesy nectarine nibbles

Healthy Fruit Salad:

Mix pieces of all your favorite fruits in a bowl. Add organic honey and fresh lemon juice and mix well and enjoy the fruit salad.

Healthy fruit salad

Chocolaty Crackers:

Melt dark chocolate in the microwave or on a double boiler. Pour this melted dark chocolate on plain crackers and enjoy.

Chocolaty crackers

Try out these amazing healthy snacks to overcome the sugar cravings that constantly harass you.

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