8 Hazardous Side Effects Of Fish Oil

fish oil

Fish oil is one of the common ingredients that you use while cooking your regular food. This oil is derived from the fishes, and it contains good amounts of antioxidants, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. Even though the culinary use of fish oil offers you several health benefits, excess of use of this oil can affect your health adversely. So, you should be aware of common side effects of using high amounts of fish oil while cooking and limit consumption of the oil.

Find Below Some Common Side Effects Of Adding Lot Of Fish Oil To Your Diet


Eating excess of fish oil can cause accumulation of fats in your body and may make you obese all of a sudden. This may make you suffer from the health hazards of obesity, such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, and affect your overall health adversely. So, make sure you add appropriate amount of fish oil to your diet.


Digestive Disorders

Over consumption of the fish oil can upset your digestive system can cause various digestive disorders. You may suffer from flatulence, poor digestion, hyperacidity, and irritation due to unpleasant taste in your mouth. Adding lot of fish oil to your diet may also make you suffer from acid reflux and discomfort due to the heart burn.


Cardiac Health Problems

Consuming excess of fish oil can affect your heart adversely. It can clog pores of your skin and raise the risk of heart related ailments to a great extent. Excess of fish oil can also raise your levels of bad cholesterol and can lead to cardiac arrest in severe cases.

Cardiac Health

Tissue And Organ Damage

One of the most hazardous side effects of consuming lot of fish oil is damage to your vital organs. Fish oil tends to contain high amounts of mercury. Ingestion of mercury in your body can hamper the health of liver and may damage it as well as other organs of your body. Also, consumption of this oil in excess can affect your pregnancy adversely.


Allergic Reactions

Adding lot of fish oil to your regular diet can make you suffer from harmful allergies, such as rashes, allergies, swelling in the throat, shortness of breath and itching.

Skin Itching

EPA Overdose In Kids

Excess of consumption of fish oil can cause overdose of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in your kids. Even though your kids get DHA from the fish oil, kid’s body find it difficult to handle EPA. As a result, you may end up providing your kids more EPA than necessary and cause overdose of EPA and health troubles associated with it.


Cause Psychological Disorders

Addition of large amount of fish oil to your diet can cause bipolar disorder or major depression and you may also suffer from mania. You may get the feel of ants crawling over your skin (formication) or restlessness due to excess of consumption of this oil. It may hamper you emotional balance and can also lead to emotional disorders.


Increased Risk Of Hemorrhaging

Consuming too much of fish oil can increase the risk of hemorrhage to a great extent. It increases the risk of nose bleeding, the presence of blood in your urine, and hemorrhagic stroke. So, avoid adding too much of fish oil to your food.


Now that you know all harmful effects of excess of consumption of fish oil, make sure you avoid adding excess of fish oil to your diet.

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