8 Effective Herbal Remedies For Migraine Headaches

Nowadays, more people are suffering from migraine. It might start as a simple pain which over time can become a serious one. The unbearable head ache can affect our day to day lifestyle. Medical facilities are available to control this problem. However, as we all know that consumption of excess pills and tablets can cause side effects in the future. Treatment must be taken immediately as delaying it can aggravate the patient’s condition. It is always better to opt for natural herbal remedies which are safe and free from side effects. Herbal remedies are known to cure illnesses since the olden days. Although scientific medicines can give you instant relief, they are loaded with chemicals. Herbal remedies are the product of nature which is free from danger and works in a slow manner.

Here Is A List Of Herbal Remedies That You Can Try At Home:

1. Willow Bark:

This bark can be obtained from the Willow tree which is found in the Northern parts of the world. You can pound it into small pieces or simply break a small portion and chew it for some time before swallowing. The water it produces is very useful in reducing the head pain gradually. In addition to this, willow bark can also reduce the fever or increasing body heat which comes along with migraine. Follow this at least a few times per week to get good results.

Willow Bark

2. Lavender:

Lavender is known for its soothing properties. It can be used in many ways like direct application and aroma therapy. Many people use it to relax their stressed mind and soul. You can buy pure lavender oil and apply small amounts on both sides of your forehead. Another better treatment is to inhale the fragrance through aroma therapy. For migraine patients, the nerves in the brain tend to be tensed and constricted. This kind of inhalation technique can lessen the tension as well as provide some relief for the sufferer.


3. Green Tea:

This herbal tea has numerous potentials like preventing the occurrence of cancer, enhancing our immune system and protecting our body from many kinds of diseases. Chinese love to have this tea on a daily basis and this is followed traditionally in China since the ancient times. It can cure migraine problems if consumed regularly. Plus, the anti-oxidant property of this drink can boost our system. For those suffering from migraine, it is advisable to drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day to obtain positive results.

Green Tea

4. Butterbur:

Butterbur herb is usually available in the forms of pills at herbal medical stores. Consume this pill as per the prescription provided with the medicine. It is a natural pink colored aromatic plant which can heal migraine related issues. The pills are made up of root extracts of this plant. The root is beneficial in reducing head pain little by little. This remedy is only effective if you follow the prescribed dose for the proposed duration properly.


5. Berry:

Berries have many qualities which are helpful for our overall health. A particular berry named tea berry is known to have valuable qualities for treating migraine. It can put a stop to migraine if consumed for a prolonged time. Other than that, tea berry is a natural astringent as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. This kind of berry is found in North America. You can mix this herb in your black tea or make a plain tea with this herb alone. Drink this tea twice a week to get improvements.


6. Caffeine:

The caffeine in coffee is very handy in decreasing the throbbing of your head during a migraine attack. A cup of hot coffee can lessen the pain and eases your mind. Even though caffeine is a natural herb, the consumption must be in limited forms. This herb is found in the Eastern continents and Arabs are well-known for the usage of caffeine in their drinks. You should not have more than a cup of coffee per day as it can disturb your sleeping pattern.


7. Rosemary:

The application of this herb is similar to that of lavender oil. You can either apply it on your forehead or have a mind-soothing aroma therapy. The fragrance of rosemary can effectively decrease the tensed and strained nerves of your brain. This effective herb contains many natural compounds which is helpful in curing migraine. Use this habitually to gain its benefits.


8. Peppermint:

This herb contains abundant natural elements which can prevent the worsening of migraine. It can be used in many ways. Some people love to include peppermint in their food which can increase the taste and aroma of the cuisine. You can also inhale the scent of the leaves which can lighten your head.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.