8 Causes And Symptoms Of Skin Sclerosis

Sclerosis is a skin disease which in other words means it doesn’t go away. The main problem lies with our Immune system. This causes the production of an excessive protein called collagen which is an integral part of the skin. This results in the thickening and tightening of the skin. It also leads to scars on the lungs and also the kidneys. The cause of the disease is still unknown. Doctors are yet to find what leads to the skin sclerosis in the human body.

Let Us Have A Look At The Causes That Are Pointed Or Believed To Be Causing This Disease:

1. Physical Trauma

One of the believed cause of the skin sclerosis is any physical injury that may have occurred to the body. The injury whose impact could have been life taking. Such injuries are believed to be one of the reasons for this disease.

Physical trauma

2. Deficiency Of Vitamin D

It is believed by the Doctors that lack of Vitamin D in the human body also contributes towards the rise in this disease.

Deficiency Of Vitamin D

3. Due To Genetic Inheritance

It is believed that genetic inheritance can be a reason behind the occurring of this disease. If someone in the family has suffered from this disease previously, it is likely to be transferred to next generation.

Genetic Inheritance

4. Environment Factor:

It is believed that some of the environment factors like pollution, the rise in temperature, etc can be one of the reasons that lead to skin sclerosis.

environment factor

5. Fumes:

Exposure to welding fumes is also believed to be one of the causes.


6. Expose To Chemical

Exposure to silica, ketones, and chlorinated solvents also contributes in raising this disease.

Expose to chemical

7. Mutation

Some believe that mutations in the Human leukocyte antigen are a major cause of this disease. These antigens are responsible for triggering the human immune system.


Those were the causes that are believed to cause the skin sclerosis in the human body but still, the main reason is yet to be found. Now let us see the symptoms through which one can understand that he or she might be suffering from this disease. The skin of the victim becomes hard or thick and also resembles shinier. This is common on the hands and face skin.

If your fingers remain cold or your toes color changes into red, blue or white then you should be aware that you might be suffering from skin sclerosis. The occurrence of ulcers or soreness in the fingertips is another symptom related to this disease. If you find tiny red spots on your face or on your chest then definitely you should visit your doctor. You might be suffering from skin sclerosis.

Another symptom that becomes common when someone is suffering from this disease if swelling of your fingertips and toes. Also, in some of the cases, you might suffer from pain on the fingertips. If suddenly you feel uncomfortable in breathing or feel like you are getting short of breath, this can also be due to the skin sclerosis. Normally caused due to the lack in our immune system, it reduces our body capabilities to fight from certain small infections. One of the most dangerous symptoms of this disease is that you start feeling like something is burning inside your heart and you feel uncomfortable. Loss of weight is also one of the symptoms of this disease.
If any of the above symptoms is present in your body please do visit a doctor.

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