8 Amazing Benefits Of Lycopene For Skin And Health

Benefits Of Lycopene For Skin And Health

With the kind of benefits that are there with Lycopene it is really a matter of joy that this substance can be found so easily in what we daily consume. Before we go to the benefits of Lycopene let us first understand what it is and what makes it such a wonder nutrient The reasons why Lycopene has so many benefits is because of the various roles it can play .Lycopene is a caroteniod that means that it can be converted into vitamin A, also it is an antioxidant and easily soluble in fat .it give various fruits and vegetables like tomato and van even protect your DNA that is why it beneficial to consume in many ailments like heart disease, cancer and even cataracts and asthma.

Lycopene is not produced in our body and as such has to be taken from external sources. Various sources rich in it are watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, and pink guavas. Tomatoes and tomato products especially tomato products are rich in it . It can also be taken as supplement as per medical advice. Now let us look at some benefits of consuming Lycopene.

Lycopene Has Benefits For Your Skin Such As

1, Uv Ray

Different types of uv rays cause various kind of damage to your skain. Uv a causes skin damage while uv b is considered responsible for sunburns and Lycopene is helpful in both cases.[1]

2. Aging

Lycopene can be easily transformed to retinol or vitamin a which in turn produces nutrients that are good for the skin and makes you look younger.[2] Lycopene also helps melanin function which in turn regulates skin color so it can make you look fairer, it also promotes the formation of new cells and can also help in removing skin redness. Lycopene has strong antioxidant properties therefore it is much better in cleansing the body of toxic chemicals which not only improve the overall mechanism of the body but also of the skin.


Benefits For Health

3. Heart Disease

Cholestrol is the reason for heart problem there are two types of cholesterol good and bad, the bad cholesterol or LDL oxidation is stopped by Lycopene which in turn stops it from jamming your arteries.[3]

Heart Disease

4. Cancer

Lycopene is helpful in preventing various cancers especially prostate cancer .also cancer patients are advised to consume a Lycopene rich diet prior to surgery.[4]


5. Infertility

A regular intake of Lycopene has strong positive effect on the sperm count and also research is being done whether it can be used to cure infertility.[5]

6. Diabetes

Lycopene has positive effect on type2 diabetes because it reduces blood glucose the reason is its antioxidant nature.[6]

7. Eyes

Muscular degeneration leads to vision loss slowly Lycopene since it is easily converted to vitamin a helps in preventing the same and promoting all round eye health.[7]

8. Stroke

Lycopene does not allow blood clots to form which are the main reason for strokes it also stops brain from strokes because of it anti inflammatory nature. Adding Lycopene rich food could keep you away from from a lot of ailments and it is available very easily in a lot of substances as discussed ,So what are you waiting for pick that tomato or watermelon or any other fruit or product that has Lycopene and make it apart of your daily intake and reap the innumerable benefits that it has to offer.[8]

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