7 Warm Up Exercises Before Cardio

7 Warm Up Exercises Before Cardio

Cardio refers to cardiovascular exercise. Cardio means something related to the heart. Thus, any exercise which increases the heartbeat and enables the heart to pump more blood to muscles is known as cardio exercise. Cardio exercise leads to muscles movement and this movement makes the body stronger and more efficient.

Why Warm Up Before Cardio?

Cardio exercises are tireless and sinews exercises which need an activated muscular system. That is the cause of warming up the body before cardio. Warming up body increases the blood flow, settles the heart to achieve a state in which heartbeat can increase with a safe and gradual manner. By this, the body will not get tire quickly. Muscles will be less prone to have injury after a workout. So warming up body is necessary before cardio.

Below Are The 7 Warm Up Exercises Before Cardio:

1. Boxer Shuffle

It is a very simple exercise. One needs to jog at a steady place with lifting up its feet a little from the ground. The exercise goes on with alternating both the legs and should be done up to 30 seconds. It should start with a lower speed achieving a faster speed with time.

2. Upper Body Twist

This exercise is done, with first standing straight and stretching the two feet apart from each other. Both the arms are bent in front of the person. Then the upper part of body, hips, and torso are turned to one side of the body for some time and the movement is repeated to opposite sides. This exercise should be repeated about 8 times for each side.

3. Overhead Reach With Stretch

For this exercise one has to stretch its arm over the top of the head and should take hands down to the feet. The space between the feet should be same as the width of the shoulder. During the hands down process towards the feet knees are slightly bent. And a breath is taken in. after this, the person should return to the starting position with a breath out.

4. Hip Circles

To start this exercise first one need to extend its feet with putting the hands on hips. The space between the feet should be the same with the shoulders width. After this one complete rotation with hip is done by pushing the hips to make a circle. The hips should move with the upper body and waist. A complete rotation should take one full inhale and exhale process. This process should be repeated 6-9 times in both the directions with increasing speed gradually.

5. High Knee March

By standing straight the arms should straight towards the up first. The arms should be kept in line with the shoulder. With a deep breath, the right knee is driven towards the up and simultaneously the hands should be pulled down with the elbows pulled towards the waist. This process should be done with both legs alternatively.

6. Torso Twist

One should first stand with a tighter midsection of the body .Then with an exhalation, the person should rotate 90 degrees to one side with forwarding facing hips. The waist should twist completely. And the hips may twist slightly. The process should be done for both sides.

7. Knee Lift

With a standing position, one foot is lifted up to the level of the waist and the position is freeze for some seconds. Then the process is repeated for other foot for at least 20 times.

These simple exercises can warm up the body and can make it ready for cardio.

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