7 Simple Steps To Prepare Azadirachta Indica Tea

7 Simple Steps To Prepare Azadirachta Indica Tea

Azadirachta indica is an ancient herb that has a mention in healing herbs in ayurveda. It is an amazing antibiotic that also reduces inflammation. It offers various health benefits. It is a scientifically proven agent that controls blood sugar level, reduces fever, cough and cold, eases choked upper respiratory tract and much more. It is also an effective anti acne agent that makes the skin blemish free and younger. Other than using Azadirachta indica packs and cleansers, you can actually detoxify your body by drinking one cup of Azadirachta indica tea daily. Ready to experience the freshness that Azadirachta indica tea offers? Follow the given 7 steps to make a cup of aromatic Azadirachta indica tea and drink it to feel its benefits.

1. Crush Dry Or Fresh Azadirachta Indica Leaves

You can buy dry Azadirachta indica leaves from any grocery store. Take warm distilled water in a bowl and add crushed dry Azadirachta indica leaves to the water. Let the mixture rest. In case you do not find dry Azadirachta indica leaves, you can use fresh Azadirachta indica leaves as well. Simply pluck two Azadirachta indica leaves from your garden and wash them properly. Add warm distilled water and Azadirachta indica leaves in a mixer and grind well. Filter the residue from the freshly extracted juice.

Crush Dry Or Fresh Azadirachta Indica Leaves

2. Boil Water In A Pan

Instead of boiling the leaf juice directly on flame, it is better to boil water and then add the Azadirachta indica juice to it. Boiling can reduce the healing power of Azadirachta indica and decrease its nutritional value as well. Also, It is better if you use distilled water for making Azadirachta indica tea.

Boil Water In A Pan

3. Add Lemon Juice

Azadirachta indica is extremely bitter and some people may find it very hard to ingest Azadirachta indica tea. Thus, it is better to mix lemon juice with boiled distilled water. Simply cut a lemon and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Dilute it and filter it in order to remove the seeds and pulp. Add around 1 teaspoon of diluted lemon syrup in hot distilled water and cover it.

Add Lemon Juice

4. Use A Hint Of Crushed Cardamom Seeds

This is an optional step to add flavour to Azadirachta indica tea. It basically has an aromatic flavour that soothes the taste buds well. Separate cardamom seeds from its peel, and crush them to form fine powder. Add a pinch of powder for flavour in the cup of water and put the mixture in flame again.

Cardamom Seeds

5. Add Honey

Honey is not just a sugar free sweetening agent that removes the bitterness of Azadirachta indica tea, it also increases the antibacterial power of Azadirachta indica. Simply add half teaspoon of honey in the heating lemon cinnamon syrup and stir it for two minutes.

Add Honey

6. Mix Green Tea/ Black Tea

If you want to detoxify and cleanse your system to increase your metabolic rate, it is best if you mix green tea or black tea, or both with Azadirachta indica it. All these herbals teas are exceptionally rich sources of antioxidants. They flush toxins out of the system. Simply add cold green tea and/or black tea in the boiling mixture.

7. Let The Aromatic Herbal Liquid Cool Down

Do not add Azadirachta indica juice directly in the boiling water. Let the syrup cool down a little below boiling point. Now add Azadirachta indica syrup directly in the hot water syrup and stir using a spoon. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes before you drink it.

All it takes to prepare this highly powerful herbal tea is 10 minutes. While some people may argue that simply mixing Azadirachta indica juice with water can make Azadirachta indica tea under 2 minutes, but the above listed 7 steps will give you a cup of perfect Azadirachta indica tea that will neither be bitter nor drying.

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