7 Incredible Ways To Use Calamine Lotion

7 Incredible Ways To Use Calamine Lotion

Calamine Lotion is nothing but a mixture of Zinc Oxide and Ferric Oxide. It is widely used in various beauty and skin treatments. It is known as a mild antiseptic agent. Due to its Anti pruritic properties, it is used to treat eczema, rashes, sunburn, chicken pox, insect bites, Poison oak, and stings. When we apply the calamine lotion over affected area, it tends to evaporate which provides cooling sensation. It also helps to prevent infection from scratching. There are many ways which we can can use Calamine lotion . Lets have a look.

1. For Pregnant Women

As we already mentioned calamine lotion can be used to treat eczema and rashes. It also gives relief from itching. During pregnancy most of women face the issue such as itchy skin on belly and other parts of area. Since Calamine is known as mild antiseptic agent , it can be used by pregnant women to treat the itchy skin.

2. For Acne

Calamine lotion is proven to be effective in treating the early stages of acne. Due to presence of zinc oxide it helps to dry out pimples faster and doesn’t leave any scar behind. It is also beneficial in treating acne scars and blemishes. It can be used as a day as well as night treatment. Just apply the mixture on the affected area and let it work. You should see the result in no time if you use it regularly.

3. Sunscreen

Yes you read it right. Calamine Lotion can be used as a sunscreen as well. Many of you must be aware that sunscreens are made of Zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the core ingredient in calamine lotion. It prevents the skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. Apart from sunscreen calamine lotion can be used to treat sunburn as well. Just apply the lotion on the affected area twice or thrice a day to see the results.

4. Clear & Healthy Skin

The Kaolin Component of Calamine lotions helps to hydrate the skin. It also helps to absorb the excess sebum and oil from the face to keep it oil free. With regular usage it helps to clear the acne marks , blemishes and also dry our pimples while hydrating the skin. Use it twice in a day for best results. There are many over the counter calamine lotions available in the market nowadays.

5. Remedy For Poison Ivy

As we mentioned in the introduction, Calamine is also used as a soothing remedy for itching which is caused due to Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy is known as a toxic plants which can cause skin irritation and itching when our skin comes in contact with its oils. When apply topically , it gives cooling sensation which prevents the skin from itching and provides relief. It also works on blisters which are caused due to contact with Poison Ivy.

Remedy For Poison Ivy

6. For New Born’s

Calamine has been proved to be beneficial for infants/ new born’s also for treating the skin rashes . It can be used on nappy rashes, redness and other skin problems. It is also used to treat chicken pox and adolescent acne in children to provide relief.

7. Eczema

When we talk about skin rashes and itching, eczema tops the list. Calamine lotion is a boon for people suffering from eczema since it provides cooling sensation after applying which gives relief from itching. Apply twice or thrice in a day to get best results.

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