7 Best Natural Treatments To Remove Blisters On Tongue

Natural Treatments To Remove Blisters On Tongue

Blister appearing on tongue are due to allergy. They create really a painful situation especially in the case of children. A blister is generally a swollen or cut skin in your mouth which is surrounded by redness and has a break out. They look alike as the pimples appear on your face. There are several problems which can cause blisters on your tongue. It can be non removal of waste or detox from your body or eating some food which does not suit you. Moreover blisters can be appear if you eat hot things immediately such as drinking a cup of very hot tea or coffee which is just removed from the cooking flame. There can be some other reasons too for the occurrence of blisters.

Excessive intake of alcohol or usage of cigarettes can also lead to blister. Blisters on your tongue leads to discomfort in eating the food of your choice and further they can start bleeding if you eat crispy wafers or crunchy sandwiches. Though the blisters if not treated, can themselves disappear in 5 to 6 days. But if treated wisely at home they can be vanished away in much lesser time. There are many home remedies which can help you prevent this situation and make your tongue healthy again. These products are easily available at your home and do not cost you much.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Home Remedies To Cure Blisters On Tongue:


Glycerin has the soothing properties available in it. It can help a lot in treating the blisters on your tongue and lessens the burning sensations caused by the blisters. Take some cotton and make sure it is neat and clean because hygiene matters a lot here. Pour some drops of glycerin on it and apply to each of the blister in your mouth carefully. Then go the wash basin. Turn the neck down and open your mouth. Just let the saliva go out of your mouth. It will take away the burning sensation and provide you with the immediate relax. Try it. It will help you a lot in curing blisters.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is an amazing plant which can provide a lot of benefits in your day to day life. It contains cooling properties which can heal the pain caused by blisters on your tongue. Take a leaf of freshly plucked aloe vera. Squeeze it gently to take out the enriched gel from it. Now with clean hands apply the aloe vera gel on your blisters. Repeat this twice a day to get rid of blisters quickly.

Aloe Vera Mask


Ice can also help in preventing the blisters soon. It acts as a cooling agent which provides instant relief from the awful burning like pain of blisters. Take the ice cubes and rub them gently on the blisters for 15-20 minutes. Repeating this remedy twice to thrice a day will cure the blisters in 1 to 2 days.

Ice remedy


Salt is also helpful in curing the blisters on your tongue. Take a glass of water and add 1tsp of salt to it. Stir properly. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with this solution twice or thrice a day. Salt soothes the paining blisters and contains inflammable properties which can help a lot in healing your blisters.

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda:

Baking also contains some inflammatory properties which can help in treating the mouth ulcers sooner.Take a glass of fresh water. Add 1tsp of baking soda in it. Stir gently to make a solution. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and do the gargles with this solution to get rid of blisters.

Baking Soda

Turmeric And Honey:

Turmeric is always well known for curing the cuts on skin fastly. The application of turmeric in order to cure blisters on tongue can also help a lot. Take 1 to 2 tsp of Turmeric. Mix a few drops of honey in it. Mix well and make it a thick paste. Clean your hands with antiseptic liquid and now apply this paste on the blister appearing in your mouth to get rid of them very soon. To get the amazing and quicker results repeat this remedy twice a day.

Honey and Turmeric


Garlic can prove to be a great cleansing agent to remove the impurities present in your mouth which leads to occurrence of painful blisters. Take 4-5 cloves of garlic and get them grinded to a fine paste. Take a clean swab of cotton and with the help of it apply this garlic paste on the blisters. It will cause really a burning like sensation in your mouth and a lot of pain too. You must make yourself prepared for feeling the burning sensation in this remedy. Though the application of garlic causes pain but it clears out all the germs from your mouth and prevents the blisters too.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.