7 Benefits Of Onion For Hair Growth


Onion is one of the most commonly found vegetables at home. Over the past one year it has been a lot in news due to its price. The abnormal increase in the price of onions has made it one of the most talked about vegetables. We can talk about onions and relate them to the ancient times. Onion was very commonly used in the ancient times also. The benefits onion does to our hair is widely known and used. The ingredients present in onion promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. According to dermatologists, one can normally lose at least fifty to hundred strands of hair on a daily basis. If a person starts losing more than the mentioned strands of hair per day then it may be a problem.

When hair fall exceeds fifty to hundred strands per day then problems like hair thinning, balding patches which are commonly known as alopecia. It is common for people to face immense hair fall related issues in their late twenties or early thirties. This is usually due to hormonal changes, change in lifestyle and eating habits. Usually people get extremely panicked at such times. It is advised to stay calm and use natural and home remedies for such situations. It is common to deal with major hair problem with natural ingredients and remedies.

Some Of The Benefits Of Onion For Beautiful Hair And Hair Growth Have Been Mentioned Below

Nourishment For Hair

Onion has properties which nourish hair. Onion provides nourishment to hair follicles. It also provides the lost nutrients to the scalp and hair. If the right kind of nourishment and right nutrients are recieved by hair and scalp, then the hair growth will also be nice. Therefore it is very important for hair to receive right nourishment for growth.


Presence Of Sulphur

Onion has sulphur, which is important for hair. Due to the presence of sulphur hair thinning and breakage can be reduced. This means that there will reduction of hair loss. Therefore, this helps in hair growth.


For Scalp Infections

Onion has anti bacterial activities which help in avoiding and getting rid of scalp infections and parasites. Many times due to scalp infections immense hair loss takes place. If we can avoid infections on scalp we can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Scalp Infections

Greying Of Hair

A lot of us experience premature graying of hair. It is caused by a natural antioxidant. Due to premature greying we even lose hair. Onion helps in reducing premature graying of hair by reducing the effect of antioxidant. This reduces hair loss.


Onion And Honey

Often onion juice and honey are mixed together and applied as a paste or a pack for beautiful hair. This pack is extremely useful and effective. This reduces hair loss and does add shine to your hair.

Honey and onion juice

Prevention Of Cancer

Onions can prevent cancer. It prevents head and neck cancer. Cancer causes immense hair loss.therefore prevention of cancer can help in hair growth.


Onion Juice For Hair Fall

Application of onion juice prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. It also helps in reducing lice.
These are a few benefits of onion for hair growth. Onion is widely known for its hair growth properties. It benefits us in many ways for hair growth. Hope you try these and they help you.

Onion juice

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