7 Amazing Ways To Loose Water Weight From Your Body

7 Amazing Ways To Loose Water Weight From Your Body

Our body contains approximate 70% of Water which varies from person to person. Sometimes the excess amount of water can lead to swelling in the body and inflammation as well. This can result into a weight gain. Specially women experience such kind of water retention in the body during pregnancy phase and menstrual cycle. Today we are going to discuss about how you can control the water retention in the body and loose the water weight. So lets get started.

1. Control On Salt Intake

Sodium is known as one of the most important electrolyte present in the human body and our body absorbs it from salt. The Unbalanced water level , high blood pressure and low blood pressure is caused due to the high and low content of sodium in the body. Hence it is very important to reduce the intake of salt to control the water weight of the body.

Control On Salt Intake

2. Exercise

Exercise is very important to maintain the overall health. It helps to reduce the excess fats from the body and keep it energized. Generally our body sweats during exercise and hence it reduces the excess water level from the body. Apart from this our body also shifts lot of water to the muscles during exercise. Hence one needs to exercise regularly to control the water weight of the body.


3. Good Sleep

We are always told to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep for better health. Sleep helps to boost the mental calmness and regulates the body system. Apart from this it also helps to maintain the sodium and water level in the body effectively. Our body tends to flush out the toxins from it while sleeping and also maintain the water level in the body. Hence make sure you get proper and sound sleep everyday.

Good Sleep

4. Less Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are generally stored in muscles and liver in the form of glycogen after consumption. This glycogen absorbs the water from the body. When you switch to low carb diet our body drops the insulin level and reduce the excess amount of sodium and water in the kidneys. Hence try to include less carbohydrates in your diet to control the water weight.

Less Carbohydrates

5. Dandelion Herb

Dandelion Herb helps to prevent the water retention in the body. It is being used my many athletes since ages to reduce the water level in the body and maintain the body weight. But Make sure you consult your doctor before consumption of the same as excess of it can lead to frequent urination.

Dandelion Herb

6. More Electrolytes

Electrolytes help to regulate the water level in the body and hence helps to maintain the body structure. The amount of electrolyte may vary from person to person depending on the body structure and the body weight. If you have a more water weight in your body then you are advised to drink more electrolytes in order to balance the water level in the body.

7. Drink Water

You must be wondering how drinking water would help you to reduce the water weight in your body. Our body always try to achieve the healthy balance hence if you are dehydrating constantly then it tends to retain more water to prevent the water level becoming low. Hence in order to avoid that you should drink adequate amount of water to maintain the water level in the body and control the water weight.

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