7 Amazing Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask

7 Amazing Benefits of Dead Sea Mud Mask

Dead sea is a bundle of various essential vitamin and minerals blended together in their raw form, unadulterated. The mystic depth of dead sea contains more than 20 skin boosting minerals. And the dead sea mud is blessed with all those minerals. There’s nothing better than using a dead sea mud mask to get skin benefits from those minerals. You can easily find a dead sea mud mask in the market, but it wouldn’t come with the authenticity of being unadulterated, and will also cost you too much. Why not make your own mask then? We will be taking you through the step by step preparation of dead sea mud mask, but before that, we have listed some of the best skin benefits of dead sea mud mask you must know.

Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Mask:

1. It Unclogs The Skin Pores

Dead sea mud mask is loaded with exceptionally high traces of raw sodium. And sodium exfoliates adamant dirt particles and trapped oil. It also cleanses the toxins alongside clearing oil, sebum, blackheads and whiteheads. Thus, when used regularly, it ensures that the pores do not clog ever again.

2. It Removes Acne

Dead sea mud mask absorbs extra oil from the face by controlling sebaceous glands. Thus, oil doesn’t gets trapped in the pores. This successfully combats acne. And magnesium and sodium in dead sea mud restore the pH level of the skin to neutral. This reduces the chances of acne recurrence. And sulfur kills acne causing bacteria too.

3. It Makes The Skin Fairer

Boron in dead sea mud is a natural exfoliator. It gently exfoliates the epidermis to get rid of dead epidermal cells. And sulfur works as a natural bleaching agent and removes the marks left behind by acne. Zinc in dead sea mud increases the formation of new blood cells. It makes the new skin cells damage free. Finally, the removed layer is replaced by a new layer of cells. And the resulting skin is up to 2 tones fairer.

4. It Removes Dryness

Dead sea mud is loaded with the goodness of essential oils. These oils moisturize the skin without making it oily. This removes freckles and peeling skin from the face and body. In fact, dead sea mud mask should also be used in winters to keep the skin hydrated and soft. It also reduces dryness induced inflammation that prevents the dry skin from turning chapped and itchy.

It Removes Dryness

5. It Makes The Skin Younger

Zinc increases blood formation and sodium and magnesium increase blood circulation. Increased blood circulation means more oxygen is transferred to the skin cells. And oxygen repairs the damaged collagen which is the tightening and binding protein in the body. As a result, collagen starts producing elastic and plump cells. And such supple cells are devoid of wrinkles, scars and fine lines.

It Makes The Skin Younger

6. It Works As A Sun Block

Dead sea bud is enriched with essential minerals and fruit acids that actually work as a barrier between the UV rays and the skin. When applied half an hour before stepping out in the sun, it reverse the ill effects that lead to tanning and ageing. In fact, it can also be used to reduce the pain and inflammation caused due to sunburn.

It Works As A Sun Block

7. It Improves The Skin’s Texture

Uneven skin texture due to acne bumps and enlarged pores looks ugly, no matter the skin is fair. Dead sea mud not just unclogs the skin pores, it also shrinks them every time, since it contains Vitamin C. And Vitamin C is a natural astringent. Thus, the skin becomes satin soft and looks blemish free.

Other than blessing the skin with the above listed benefits, dead sea mud mask also controls melanin secretion to some extent. Thus, it is beneficial for people suffering from pigmentation. Nonetheless, the skin transforms completely.

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