6 Yoga Exercises For Eye Health

Yoga Exercises For Eye Health

Although many yoga exercises aim at improving the functioning of the specific organs of the body but that doesn’t mean that other important parts of the body like eyes cannot be benefited from yoga. There are yoga exercises that can be performed for the betterment of the eyes. These yoga exercise without posing any kind of stress makes the vision and eye health such that you need not to take medication afterwards. Moreover, if suffering from eye-related problems like myopia, hypermetropia and eye disorders, you must practice eye yoga to overcome. Therefore, down here are given 6 yoga exercises for the health of the eyes. Follow and practice to gain the benefits.

6 Yoga Exercises For The Care Of The Eyes:


As yoga exercise is not difficult to perform, it can be practiced by anyone. In this yoga, you have to sit quiet in a relaxing position with eyes closed. Now rub your palm against each other until they become warm and place softly over your eyes. Do not remove until your eyes get bathed into the soothing darkness. Remove when the heat of the palm gets absorbed completely. After removing, repeat the same process 2-3 times more.


Sideways Viewing

This yoga lays stress on your eyes whenever you move your eyes to the sideways. The muscles that are involved in this yoga is the lateral rectus and medical rectus of the near and far eyes. With legs crossed and back straight sit in a relaxed position. Begin by looking to the right at 180 degree with both the eyes. Hold the vision for 5 counts and blink later. Now bring the gaze back to the front and perform the same with left side. Repeat 3 times with both the side. Make sure that you don’t move your head while gazing at each side.

Sideways viewing


Although, we all blink daily but this yoga exercise is somewhat a little different from normal blinking. With your back straight, sit quietly in a relaxed position. Now blink your eyes 10 times quickly. Closes eyes and relax for the next 20 minutes. Open eyes and perform 5 times more.

blinking eyes

Rotational Viewing

This exercises focus mainly on the rotation of the eyes. The only thing that you must do is rotate your eyes in all direction. Sit with your legs kept straight in front of your body. Keep the back straight. Make fist and with elbows straight, keep on the respective knees with thumbs up. Focus your eyes on the thumb and rotate the thumb in a circle. Don’t lose vision of the thumb and keep looking at it. Rotate thumb clockwise and then anticlockwise and the same goes with the eyes also. Now repeat the whole process with left thumb. Finally close our eyes and try to relax.

Rotational viewing

Massage Your Eyes

It is one of the common treatment or the yoga to relieve stress and tension by stimulating blood flow in the massaged area. Plus, the soft pressure helps to stimulate tear production causing wetness which is good for the eyes. Massage your upper eye lid for 20-25 seconds and then proceed onto lower one. Use first three fingers for massaging and make sure that you massage lightly in circular motion.

Massage your eyes

Near And Distant Viewing

This is a normal exercise & is a more of a daily routine. The main part of this exercise comprise of standing or sitting in such a place form where you can view near and distant objects. Keeps your arms by your side and have a clear view of the horizon. Try to locate the tips of your nose for 9-10 seconds afterwards. Repeat this for about 10-20 seconds. Close your eyes and relax for a moment. Make sure that you inhale while viewing your nose and exhale during distant viewing.

Near and distant viewing

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