6 Ways To Get Abs That Are Rock Hard

Strong and well toned abs are not just a criterion that women are judged by, but men as well. Just like women crave for beauty and hourglass silhouettes, men hunger for rock hard abs and six packs. abs

But attaining those perfectly toned and flat abs certainly come with hard work, diet and a lot of working out. Are you resolved to get great abs? Check out the steps and be sure to inform us the about the fruits of your labour.

For Those Perfect Abs

Check with the Doctor

Before you start any strenuous exercise, this is a standard warning that you must check with your doctor as to your health condition, especially if you have any chronic or serious condition that requires you to be extra cautious.

checkup doctor

Diet Control

Diet plays an important role as well along with the right exercise as lowering the body fat has to be done through elimination of high fat and processed foods too. Reduce the intake of high fat food and break your meals into 6-8 smaller meals to increase the metabolism of the body.


Include Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Specific foods that are known to reduce belly fat like berries, beans etc. can be consumed in plenty along with the exercise regimen so that you derive maximum benefit from the whole procedure.

You must also include fibrous foods which help in proper digestion and elimination of excess fats from the body.

Include Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Cardio Sessions

High intensity cardio workouts are necessary for burning belly fat. For this, you must devote at least 30 to 45 minutes every day. Traditional cardio might not burn enough fat as you might want to. So you can try interval training which is more adequate for fat burning.

cardio exericse

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Importance of Abdominal Exercises

There are a number of abdominal exercises that help in flattening your abs and toning them well.  These ab exercises, combined with cardio can help in sculpting your abdomen according to your desire.

A combination of these ab exercises can be chosen as per your body flexibility and done every day to keep the abdominal muscles taut. It is very important that you change the combination of abdominal exercises every month. This is because the body gets used to the exercises after a certain point and the effectiveness of the particular exercise decreases.

abdominal exericse

Lose a Pound a Week

Your exercise regime must be such that it’s capable of burning at least 500 calories a day. The best way to do this is to keep the heart rate steady so that the energy for the exercise will be drawn from the fat and the glycogen. The best time for exercises is early in the morning when your stomach will be empty so that energy is drawn from the fat deposits in your body. Aim at exercising at 60-85% of your maximum heart rate.

Following this regimen will soon give results that are very encouraging. It is also important to avoid late dinners and drink lot of water for flushing away excess fat.

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