6 Ways To Cure Gum Disease

We are very fond of eating and go to great lengths to prepare or obtain the choicest dishes. Are we equally diligent, in taking care of our teeth and gums? Negligence and cursory care are going to take their toll upon our gums first, and if still not checked, our teeth, eventually.

gum disease

Our mouths abound in bacteria and these bacteria multiply and grow out of control, if brushing habits are poor, affecting the gums, causing them to swell and bleed. Effective measures should be taken to wipe out plaque, the sticky and colorless film of bacteria continually developing on our teeth and gums. To eliminate the necessity of seeing a dentist, try these natural simple home cures to restore your gums and keep them healthy.

Tips To Cure Gum Disease Naturally

Massage To Cure Pain

Massage the gums and teeth after every meal with your finger. If the gums are very tender, rub gently, otherwise use a little pressure. This will increase the blood circulation, stimulate the gums, strengthen them, alleviate the pain and will remove any food residue sticking to the gum line. Massage three times a day. Inculcate this habit to keep the gums healthy.


Aloe Vera The Wonder Healer

Take a big, thick, juicy and mature leaf of Aloe Vera. Remove the outer skin. Squeeze the gel to extract the juice. It is better you make your own juice rather than buying, over the counter. Home juices are fresh and effective.Take a mouthful and keep swishing it around for five minutes. Rinse with water. Its antibiotic nature will efficiently destroy the bacteria and arrest bleeding and swelling. Twice a day will nicely heal the gums in a few days.

aloe vera

Betel Leaf A Common Household Remedy

Betel leaf or paan has been used since ancient times. It contains poly-phenols that relieve pain, ease swelling and fight microbes. It has antiseptic values and is very aromatic. Chew a leaf slowly, pushing the mush over the gums as much as possible. Do not be in a hurry to swallow it. Let the juice soak the teeth and gums thoroughly. Your mouth will feel cool and smell fresh. Do this once a day after the mid-day, for three to four days.

betel leaves

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Fight Plaque With Raw Vegetables And Fruits

Raw vegetables like radish and carrot should be eaten after a meal. Besides supplying their full nutritional value to the body, they will clean your teeth naturally and their fibre content will stop plaque from settling on the gum line. Apples and semi raw guavas should be eaten with the skin.

raw vegetables


Water is the most natural cleanser and purifier. Drinking seven to eight glasses a day will not only soothe the gums and keep the mouth well hydrated but will also help wash out food particles and stop bacteria from flourishing in the mouth.

drink water


Eating habits and consumption of highly processed foods, too many sweets and excessive starch can certainly contribute to gum disorders. Smoking is another major cause. Eat a nutritious diet containing adequate amounts of calcium, iron, vitamin C and vitamin B complex to enhance tooth enamel and build up strong teeth.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.