6 Warning Signs That You Have A High Sugar Levels

Warning Signs That You Have A High Sugar Levels

Who doesn’t like to eat sugar? Being a kid we might have had some vague memories where we had our first rendezvous with food only with a sugary substance. Our taste buds are known to accept the taste of sugar without any hindrance. It is not the case with every other taste and we get to inculcate it as we grow up. The trouble becomes when we get addicted to sugar and even after we reach the adolescent age we refuse to give up the addiction. Sugar is something that is almost found in over 70% of the foods that we eat. These sugars get broken down into carbs and can result in obesity, heart ailments and a vast network of other diseases related to sugar. Added to that, sugar tends to get in our bodies through the many foods that we eat. It is the major reason for diabetes and we do not have to remind you what a severe diabetic person has to go through as a part of his treatment. Get yourself tested for your sugar levels the next time you get a medical checkup. Also, excessive sugar levels in your body throw up a number of symptoms and you can safely assume that you might want to check the levels in case you have these indications. Let us have look at some of the warning signs and factors excessive sugar does to you and your health.

Here Are The 6 Warning Signs That You Have a High Sugar Levels:

1. Deteriorating Oral Health

Remember the good old times when we constantly used to hear one mono syllable that eating sweet and sugar is bad for your mouth? Well, it was not without a reason. Your mouth consists of a billion thriving bacteria and sugar gives them an additional chance to survive. Naturally, this tends to hamper your oral hygiene and can increase cavities and gum related problems. They also directly decreases the pH levels of your mouth and can increase the chances of tooth decay. Sugar addiction is a strict no as far as your oral health is considered and your deteriorating oral health should prove it.

Deteriorating Oral Health

2. Mood Swings

In case you are feeling extremely agitated or desperate without any reason, chances are you are having more sugar content in your blood. Sugars produce insulin and glucose through the metabolic activity. However, eating excess sugar is known to increase these levels, thus directly affecting your brain. When excess chemicals are released from your brain the symptoms of restlessness, anxiety and desperation may occur. They also cause mood swings in a person and you may lose the sense of semblance in many cases due to the over production. Curb eating sugars or anything sweet and work on some activities or hobbies that beat stress and anxiety.

Mood Swings

3. Skin Problems

Eating high sugar content foods has a direct impact on your skin. Sugar is technically inflammatory and having them in excess can lead to a host of skin problems. Pimples, acnes and dark circles around the eyes are all a result of excess sugar intake. They also quicken the aging of your cells and make you appear aged beyond your years. No matter which age you are, minimizing your sugar ingestion can be beneficial for your skin in the long run.

Skin Problems

4. Getting ill Recurrently

One of the sure shot sign that your intake of sugar is more than the permissible levels is that if you are prone to sickness or if you fall ill more often. Sugar levels have a say on your immune system. More sugar may weaken your immune system and as a result, your body loses its grip on fighting the diseases. Your body releases very minimalistic quantities of anti bodies and you get more susceptible to even to basic infections and the common cold. Not to forget that the increased sugar levels in your blood curtails the healing process. Any bruises or cuts to your skin can take a longer time to heal if you have such conditions.

Getting ill Recurrently

5. Poor Memory

High consumption of sugar can hamper glucose from getting into your cells. These include even the brain cells. This can lead to poor memory and loss of recollection. Also, this can affect your concentration levels. People who intake more sugar do not have good decision-making skills. Sugar addiction also can reduce the protein levels in your body that is needed for responsiveness. This is strictly a big no for kids who are in the stages of learning as this can hamper their memory levels. Always limit the consumption of sugar at every stage.

6. Low Energy Levels

Though sugar tends to get you the much-needed glucose in your body, excessive sugar can work the other way. Sugar is nothing but empty and lose calories and having them do not provide any nutrition. Though you might get an energy boost while eating a sugary food, the result is only short lived and you may end up crashing. They drain out your energy and as a result, you might feel fatigued most of the times. In case you feel that you are low on energy or that you feel weak throughout the day, check out your sugar levels and curb their intake.

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