6 Things To Take Care To Avoid Breast Cancer

Things To Take Care To Avoid Breast Cancer

Any type of cancer can happen at any point of time in life due to no apparent reason. However, being careful about the possible reasons and taking care of yourself can lower the risks. Here are 6 things you need to keep in mind to avoid breast cancer.


You don’t need to panic and run for medical examinations every month. Just notice what every part of both your breasts look and feel like normally and watch out for abnormalities. After the age of 50 go for regular breast screenings.


Breastfeed Your Infant

Breastfeeding benefits both, the infant and the mother reduces excess estrogen thereby reducing the chances of breast cancer.

Note: If a woman chooses never to be a mother, there’s nothing to worry as breastfeeding balances the extra estrogen that is the result of pregnancy itself.

Breastfeed your infant

Don’t Ignore Lumps

If you feel a lump in your breast just consult a doctor to be sure it’s not breast cancer. If it is, early diagnosis increases the chances of survival and cure tenfold.

Don’t ignore lumps

Limit Alcohol Intake

Excess alcohol increases estrogen levels in the body thereby increasing chances of breast cancer.You don’t really have to quit if you can keep to moderate drinking.

Limit alcohol intake

Maintain Healthy BMI

Being extremely overweight or obese increases the chances of breast cancer by 30%. Hence, watch your weight with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Maintain healthy BMI

Limit Fat Intake

Fatty food tends to increase the chances of breast cancer so have no more than 100g of fat daily if you’re already on the heavier side with a BMI >22.0.

Limit fat intake

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