6 Spices That Boost Metabolism


Boost Metabolism

Spices are an important part of our day to day diet. Without its presence, the food might appear tasteless. However, spices should not be used in the huge margin. A small proportion of it can do wonders. It might not help in the goal of weight reduction however, consumption of the below mentioned six spices will provide the body with important nutrients. A little sprinkle of the spices to the muscle-building meals will provide a great result. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate the below-mentioned spices in the meals.

Below Are The 6 Spices That Boost Metabolism:

1. Turmeric

It contains a powerful agent known as curcumin that performs as a powerful anti-inflammatory. The presence of curcumin prevents heart disease, depression, age-related issues, etc. It is botanical kin to ginger and termed as curry powder. Moreover, it is an anti-cancer agent that regulates the cell cycle. It supports the performance of the liver and contains a bright yellow-orange color that injects flavor, as well as nutrition to the meal.[1]


2. Ginger

Ginger is a well-known spice that can be traced in candies crystallization, infusion in ginger ale, etc. It contains a pungent flavor and is majorly used to alleviate nausea and other disease issues because ginger acts an antioxidant powerhouse that contains various pharmacological properties.[2] It acts as a metabolism booster that is derived from the active compound called as gingerol that is linked to capsaicin and the active ingredient in chili peppers. It has a powerful root that is helpful in fighting radical in the body.


3. Cinnamon

This staple can be witnessed in most of the pantries and is well-known for the nice smells. Additionally, it has a warming influence. It can control blood sugar levels and has a strong performance in the regulation of insulin.[3] It is endowed with antioxidants and tends to diminish inflammation in the joints, as well as blood vessels. It has a strong performance when it comes to metabolism by helping the body to process more sugar in an efficient manner and thereby ensuring less is stored as fat.


4. Cumin

It is an immensely popular and is used in food all over the world. Daily intake of cumin helps in reduction of blood levels of fasting cholesterol, enhanced cholesterol or good level of cholesterol. It helps in reduction of the body mass index that is BMI, the circumference of the waist and the fat mass.[4] It is due to the fact that cumin contains phytosterols – a plant compound that projects absorption of body cholesterol. Research even indicate that cumin leads to a decline in the body weight and a temporary increment in the metabolic rate that is alike hot spices. It contains various minerals such as magnesium, iron, and phosphorous.


5. Cayenne

It has a strong function of enhancing the rate of metabolism due to the presence of capsaicin that is an active compound. It leads to a burning sensation in the mouth.[5] Capsaicin is popularly known and referred for its thermogenic impact that is the skill to produce extra body heat and enhance the rate of metabolism. Consuming cayenne pepper with food helps in paid satiety that helps in consumption of less food. Moreover, it helps in reduction of pain.


6. Cloves

It contains the maximum antioxidant content in comparison to all other spices and herbs. It is popular due to its antimicrobial and strong antiseptic.[6] Further, it is even an anti-inflammatory agent that helps in increasing the metabolism level with a sweet taste.


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