6 Simple Meditation Techniques To Boost-Up Concentration Level

Meditation Techniques To Boost-Up Concentration Level

The key term ‘Concentration’ refers to focusing on only one thing at a time and taking your thoughts off from different things that causes disruption in your thoughts. The primary aim of the various meditation techniques that one follows to boost up concentration solely aims at directing your mind or thoughts unanimously in one direction only, either it can be your breathing patterns, a sincere look at a particular image or a candle-flame, or even thinking of any one particular word or phrase with the sharp mind. Recurrently directing your thoughts or mind on a particular entity tends to make you more focused, stranded and calm at large. Emphasized below are 6 simple to follow meditation techniques that goes a long way in boosting your concentration level to a greater extent. Just follow them appropriately to gain its added benefits. Let’s discuss these simple meditation strategies or techniques in detail, one-by-one:

1. Initiating Meditation By Choosing A Calm And A Secluded Spot:

As a general rule of thumb, one should initiate meditation by choosing a calm and secluded spot, far away from noise, pets and other distracting elements. Most of the time, people habitually opt for some serene place in their home or at times outside the home in an open air, to initiate the meditation session. However, you can do meditation for boosting your concentration level at any time of the day but still some people find it more comforting and apt to do it during early morning while sitting in the fresh air, away from the crowd of the city.

Initiating Meditation By Choosing A Calm And A Secluded Spot

2. Sit In A Relaxed And Comforting Posture:

While you are going to meditate for boosting up the concentration level, sit in a relaxed and comforting posture in such a way that you will feel quite focused precisely on your meditation session along with your focus only on the entity of interest and not on your un-comfortable posture. Besides this, always put on loose and comforting clothes that will enable your body to breathe and prohibit wearing such clothes that are tightly fit and stops your blood circulation in an entirety.

Sit In A Relaxed And Comforting Posture

3. Make Use Of A Timer Utility:

In order to feel quite concentrated while meditating, always make use of a timer on a stopwatch rather than using a wrist watch or clock to check for the duration of time you have or you are going to meditate. Checking the wrist watch repeatedly, may also tends to distract you. These days, there are numerous timer applications available which you can significantly install on your mobile as well, to setup timer intervals. Initiate with the short meditation sessions, initiating with 5 or 10 minutes during the initiating stage of your concentration mediation session, incrementing it to further 20-30 minutes later on as you become more versed in meditation.

Make Use Of A Timer Utility

4. Selecting An Entity For Concentration Meditation:

Since meditation is all about the drill of the mind to be focused, so you can close your eyes significantly while sitting in the comfortable posture and then focusing on any entity of your choice, like a candle flame, your own breathing moments, your sacred traditional emblem and many more. Not only this, you can also meditate while focusing on the sacred chakras inside your body, so as to indulge completely in the concentration boosting meditation sessions at large.

Selecting An Entity For Concentration Meditation

5. Set Aside All The Diverting Objects And Thoughts While Meditating:

One of the primary goals of mediation is to make you focused while training your mind in a commendable manner. It may happen a number of times that while meditation you will may get attracted to your mobiles, some un-wanted thoughts and many more alike entities. But don’t lose hope, this can happen naturally. Notice the feeling or thought and again traverse back to the medium of concentration. Once you will be severely indulged in your thoughts, you tends to get a feeling of togetherness of your mind and the body. This is what we termed as the symbol of deeper insight.

Set Aside All The Diverting Objects And Thoughts While Meditating

6. Notice The Movement Of Your Breaths While Meditating For Boosting Concentration:

This is one of the remarkable technique to boost up the concentration level which the aid of meditation. For this, simply shut your mouth and initiate breathe-in and breathe-out session through the nose until the nose is obstructed. Simply initiate with counting your each breath movement initiating from 1 till 10 and then repeating the similar pattern in reverse order. Practicing this way, will definitely give you an immense sense of relaxation and you can significantly become stress free and rejuvenated.

Notice The Movement Of Your Breaths While Meditating For Boosting Concentration

So, friends follow the above enlisted simple meditation techniques to boost up your concentration level in a commendable manner.

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