6 Interesting Uses Of Vinegar That You Should Try Out

White vinegar tastes a bit acidic, has a fetid smell and doesn’t look like something that we will have around our house. Yet this household article is found in almost every home and has a number of uses apart from its culinary delicacies. Vinegar can be described as one of the best life hacks and can be used for a variety of purposes around your kitchen. Its industrial uses are numerous and in many cultures vinegar is used for medicinal purposes too. Nobody would have believed that a fermenting distilled alcohol will have so many applications, yet it is the truth and now let us have a look at some interesting life hacks and awesome uses of Vinegar in our everyday lives.

6 Interesting Uses of Vinegar That You Should Try Out:

1. Controls Acne:

Bid an adieu to your acne breakouts. White vinegar is a pure antiseptic agent and is antimicrobial too. It helps in the eradication of bacteria that cause pimples and acnes and also helps in maintaining the pH balance of your skin. It also helps in unclogging your pores and keeps them clean. Never use them in a raw format. Always mix white vinegar with equal parts of water. Soak a cotton bud and apply it on the affected region. After some 5 minutes, wash the area with cold water. Apply a mild skin conditioner if your skin feels raw. Use it once or twice a day for a week to notice the results.  It may not be suitable for sensitive skin, hence check your sensitivity levels before you do this procedure.

Controls Acne

2. Eases Sunburned Skin:

You can try out white vinegar in case you have experienced sunburn conditions. It is great against the inflammation and can be extremely beneficial against the pain and itching sensation. You can add in 2 cups of white vinegar to your bathtub and soak in it daily while having a bath. Alternatively, you can add in a teaspoon of white vinegar to a cup of cold water. Now soak in a cloth and wrap it around the affected area. Do this as needed.

Eases Sunburned Skin

3. Removes Odor:

Vinegar can also help in getting rid of body odor. It can also be used as an effective deodorant and in proper proportions can be used in removing common odors of the house. It is anti-microbial too and can control odor causing bacteria for a longer duration. Mix half a cup of white vinegar with half a cup of water. Add in a few drops of lavender essential oil if needed. Apply it on your underarms and on the affected region to get rid of the odor. For household odors, soak a piece of bread in white vinegar and leave it in your garbage areas or in your fridge. The smell would be under control soon.

Removes Odor

4. Healthy Hair:

Vinegar for hair may be frowned upon but in case you would want a lush shiny hair, go and try out the white vinegar. It is beneficial for your scalp and can add the extra shine to the hair follicles. Apart from it, it is great at eliminating the odor that gets emitted from your scalp. Rinse and shampoo your hair like you normally do. Then mix half a cup of vinegar with one full cup of water. Add in a few drops of olive oil. Now apply this mix on your hair and scalp and massage it gently. Rest for a few minutes and give your scalp a good rinse. Do not use this method often and it is much healthier if practiced once a month.

Healthy Hair

5. Sore Throats:

White Vinegar is known for its anti bacterial properties and this can be used as a gargle against sore throat conditions. They are soothing and can be beneficial for getting rid of the soreness that occurs in the throat. It can also minimize throat irritation and dryness. To use it take some warm water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix well along with a pinch of salt. Now gargle it and spit it out. Repeat this twice a day especially when you wake up for best results. Avoid taking the vinegar in and spit out completely.

Sore Throats

6. Minor Wounds:

Unfiltered Vinegar has antibacterial properties that can be beneficial for minor burns and wounds. Based on your skin conditions, they can be used as an antiseptic agent too. It is great for relieving the effects caused by a minor burn such as touching a hot vessel etc. Take a small portion of vinegar and add it to equal parts of water. Soak a clean cloth in it and gently dab on the affected area. Do not cover the area with the cloth but let it in contact with the atmosphere. Use this hack only for minor injuries or burns. Also, check your skin sensitivity before your try this.

Minor Wounds

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