6 Health Benefits Of Radish In Treating Diabetes

Health Benefits Of Radish In Treating Diabetes

Number of individuals suffering with diabetes is increasing worldwide. Although, increased dominance of physical inactivity and obesity have their role in developing the risk of diabetes, diet also has its impact in developing the risk of being affected to diabetes. Hence, one has to take several measures in order to combat this problem. As per the recent medical researches, it has been revealed that radish plays an important role in treating diabetes.

Here We Are Sharing With You The Benefits Of Radish In Treating Diabetes:

1. Normalizes Blood Sugar Level

Radish is great for your health. It is highly beneficial in curing various health disorders. It is highly effective in stabilizing levels of blood sugar. Blood sugar levels increase when there is inadequate production of insulin in the body. Such health condition can be termed as diabetes. Radish is a pack of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It is highly helpful in fighting with serious diseases like diabetes and cancer. Both raw and cooked radish helps to combat with diabetes. Anti-hypertensive properties of radish help to balance the blood sugar levels. Radish is rich source of vitamin C, potassium, calcium and folate.

Blood Sugar Levels

2. Helps In Regulating Salt Levels

Diabetics tend to have higher blood pressure. Increased intake of sodium raises this problem. Potassium levels are high in radish. Potassium helps in maintaining the balance of salt levels. It is highly helpful in controlling blood pressure levels. Radish is known for its high fiber and less glycemix index. Hence, diabetics have to replace their favorite snacks with radish salads.

Keep an eye on your blood pressure levels

3. Helps In Stimulating Digestive Juices Secretion

Radish is highly helpful in stimulating the digestive juices secretion. Hence it is a powerful remedy for treating disorders of intestines. By regulating bile flow, radish is helpful in treating the problems related to bile duct. Radish is known for its anti-congestive property which is highly helpful in dissolving the mucus. By regulating bile flow, radish helps to keep the liver healthy. Radish also plays an important role in removing the additional bilirubin out of the blood. Hence radish is highly helpful for the diabetic patients in curing digestive disorders.

Improves Digestion

4. Promotes Lipid Metabolism

Radish helps in reducing the secretion of insulin. Radish also improves lipid metabolism. Radish extracts are water soluble and they help in reducing glucose, glycoalbumin and fructosamine levels. Glucose plasma levels and insulin can be reduced by radish extracts without impacting on the parameters of plasma lipid. Radish is highly beneficial for diabetics in promoting lipid metabolism.

Improved Metabolism

5. Helps In Preventing Urinary Infections

Radish is highly effective in improving urine production. It acts as a cleansing agent of kidneys and thus prevents the chance of being affected to urinary infections. Regular intake of radish in the diet helps in increasing calcium oxalate excretion and thus prevents the formation of stones in kidney. Radish plays an important role in preventing urinary infections in diabetics.

Fights Urinary Infections

6. Eases Constipation

Constipation is a common problem that is seen in diabetics. Radish is high in fiber. It is known for its low glycemic index. Fiber which is rich in radish helps to ease constipation in diabetics. Regular intake of radish is advised for diabetics in order to ease the symptoms of diabetes.


If you are suffering from diabetes, please start including radish in your diet. If you are already using radish to ease the symptoms of diabetes, please share your experience with us.

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