6 Foods To Eat To Whiten Teeth Naturally

Do you want sparkling white teeth without spending your hard-earned money on expensive tooth-whitening treatment? The simplest way to whiten your teeth naturally is to eat foods that are known to help in whitening your teeth naturally. While there are foods that are infamous for staining your teeth, there are a number of other foods that actually help in removing the stain from your teeth. Hence, you can flash a sparkling white smile simply by modifying your diet. Furthermore, these natural teeth whiteners are good for your oral as well as overall health.

Here Is What You Should Eat To Whiten Your Teeth Naturally:

1. Strawberries

Eating strawberries helps in whitening the teeth.[1] A compound found in strawberries help in dissolving the stains on the tooth. To whiten your teeth naturally, eat six fresh strawberries daily. Take time to chew the strawberries well so that they release the natural tooth whitening compound, which stays in contact with your teeth for a longer time.


2. Apples

For sparkling white teeth, eat apples daily. Chewing apple helps in triggering saliva secretion. Saliva washes off food debris from your teeth that are responsible for staining your teeth.[2] Chewing the fruit also helps in scrubbing your teeth that helps in keeping it stain-free. Furthermore, malic acid present in apple helps in dissolving the stains on the teeth.


3. Nuts

To whiten your teeth naturally, eat nuts especially crispy well-roasted nuts such as walnuts, almonds and cashews. The gentle harsh foods help in scrubbing the teeth without harming the tooth enamel.[3] They are harsh enough to remove stains from the teeth. In addition, they contain calcium that helps in building strong teeth.


4. Hard Cheese

For naturally whiter teeth, eat hard cheese. Chewing hard cheese helps in stimulating saliva production that helps in washing away the stains from the teeth.[4] Furthermore, eating cheese helps in neutralizing the plaque causing acid in the mouth and it provides calcium that helps in strengthening the teeth.

Hard Cheese

5. Celery

Munching on crunchy celery can also help in whitening your teeth naturally. Celery is loaded with a starch-like compound called cellulose. It is a natural abrasive.[5] When you chew celery, cellulose helps in scrubbing and cleaning the teeth, which helps in removing the stain and restoring the natural white color of the teeth.


6. Carrot

For whitening your teeth, eat raw carrot. It acts as a natural stain exfoliant.[6] The sloughing action of the crunchy vegetable on your teeth when you chew it helps in removing the stains from your teeth.


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