6 Efficient Natural Cures For Hysteria

HysteriaHysteria is a term referred to those people who have difficulty in controlling their emotions and often lose their control on themselves, due to fear or panic that had occurred in the their past life. This is mainly a mental disorder, where there is a disturbance in the sensory and motor functions. The causes of hysteria can be head injury, due to irregular menstrual cycle, past severe accident, stress, past trauma; while, heredity also plays an important role in causing hysteria. 

Symptoms of hysteria include blindness, paralysis – partial, involuntary movements of the body, eye rolling, contraction of the facial muscles, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, abnormal muscle contractions and many others. People suffering with hysteria are often self-centered, shallow and unhappy; such persons with hysterical problem become aggressive and unmanageable; while, they start expressing their emotional worries in public. There are certain natural cures available for the treatment of hysteria, few are listed below.

6 Effective Natural Cures For Hysteria

Honey Effect

Honey is considered to be the most effective in man of the medical conditions, which helps in free flow of the blood in the body; in case, of irregularity of the menstrual cycle leads to hysteria. This helps in free flow of the cycle and cleanses the uterus, thereby toning up the brain activity. It is considered that, the regular use of honey can be effective in the treatment of hysteria and related problems.


Honey helps in breaking down the cholesterol; especially, triglycerides are responsible for blocking the heart valves which leads to clot and decrease in the blood flow to the heart and increases the blood pressure as well. Because of this action of honey, it helps person to remain calm and maintains blood pressure. Honey can be consumed for at least one tablespoon every day in the morning until desired effects are obtained.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is the vegetable used in the daily life and is the most essential product in the treatment of hysteria and has many medicinal properties. Bottle gourd is used as an external application in the treatment of hysteria and has been proven for its effectiveness.

Drink Bottle Gourd juice

The vegetable has been made into a smooth pulp by grinding into a fresh paste and can be applied over the head of the patients who suffer from hysteria. This can be more effective, as it produces cooling effect and also soothes the head by giving better relief from the tension or stress, and keeps the person calm. Bottle gourd juice can also be consumed once daily, until desired effects are obtained.


Performing yogasanas can be helpful, as they relieve person from stress and helps in relaxing their body out of stress. There are certain yogasanas which are useful in hysteria; they are bhujangasana, shalabhasana, matsyasana, dhanurasana, halasana, paschimottanasana, yogamudra, and shavasana. Yoga is been in practice for relaxing the mind and the body since ages and is being followed, which helps in overall well being of the body.


Such asanas should be performed in everyday life, and should be continued throughout; even if the hysterical symptoms are not found. This will provide mental peace and relaxes body by keeping person out of stress. Stress relieving activities should be performed, as they play an important role in treating hysteria. Yogasana is one among the best methods in the treatment of hysteria and is also found to be the easiest way for relieving stress, which can be continued throughout the life for better and relaxing effects.


Asafoetida is considered to be very effective in the treatment of the hysteria and it is also very beneficial. It has been used in many different forms in the treatment. The smell of the asafoetida is inhaled directly where it prevents the hysterical attacks.

You can also take it orally in small quantity either directly, or by mixing it with the food substances. Even, you can take a pinch of asafoetida in a half glass of water and drink it regularly which helps in relaxing the person by removing the stress and tension.


This is a fruit that belongs to the family of grapes, which are usually black in colour and called as black berry. This fruit is known to be very effective in the treatment of hysteria, and has proven results. The juice has to be extracted from the fruit by mixing it in a grinder with a pinch of salt and water.


It is said that, this mixture has to be kept in the sun for a week, in order to produce its effect. A glass of this juice has to be consumed daily, as well as the fruits itself. These fruits should be consumed on empty stomach and should be continued without fail for 2 weeks, for better results in the treatment of hysteria.

Daily Diet Important

All fruits are rich and are high in anti-oxidants, which help in many of the medical conditions and to overcome the problems. In hysterical cases, the patients are advised to consume fruits everyday for minimum three times. Fruits such as- orange, pine apples, papayas are rich in nutrients and vitamins, which also help in relaxing the body, as they help in detoxifying the unwanted materials out, from the body and gives good relief from the stress. Also, milk has to be consumed everyday for at least three months, as this will help to nourish the nerves and purify the blood for proper functioning.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as- nuts are also very effective in the treatment of hysteria and should be taken every day. These substances will increase the immunity levels, and also fights against the toxic substances which help in keeping the mind and body relaxed. It is better to avoid coffee and tea in patients with hysteria as they may add up to the stress and make the situation worse. These products causes stimulation of the nervous system and increase the emotional condition, which can be difficult to handle and can be uncontrollable at times.

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