6 Best Diets To Treat Anemia

AnemiaHemoglobin plays a significant role in transmitting oxygen from lungs to the other parts of the body. But when red blood cells decreases or the hemoglobin level lessens than the normal and oxygen fails to reach to all the body’s tissues, it results in anemia. The patients generally undergo dizziness, tiredness, breathing shortage, insomnia or fast heart beat.

Hence it is very necessary to consult doctor who can tell you which iron rich diet you should follow strictly in order to grow your hemoglobin. You should take accurate amount of iron food and stay away from overdose. In this way you can increase the iron quantity in your body. Variety of iron rich food will help you evade anemia. Few of the essential diets are thus listed below to treat anemia.

Diets to Treat Anemia

Fruits in Diet

When you are experiencing anemia it is necessary for you to eat different fruits that are high in iron such as apples and tomatoes. You can ingest apple pieces or else you can prepare and drink juice of fresh apple and tomato as they are 100% effective to cure anemia.

Fruits in Diet

You can have other iron-rich fruits largely such as grapes, bananas, plums, oranges, figs, carrots and lemons. You can even eat dried fruits that are good in iron like apricots, raisins, apricots and their juices. Berries, citrus fruits and peppers rich in vitamin C are also appropriate.

Vegetables Diet Remedy

You can recover from anemia by eating iron, vitamin B12 and folic rich-rich green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, beet, celery, broccoli, kale, turnip greens, collards and fenugreek. These are the effectual nutrients that your body needs to treat anemia completely and rejuvenate your energy.

Vegetables Diet Remedy

You can also make beetroot juice and drink as your fatigue will vanish soon. Beetroot is an iron-rich vegetable which will make you gain your anemia.

Seafood and Meat

Seafood acts as a great advantage for getting rid of anemia. If you consume fish three or four times a week you will heal rapidly from anemia as it contains higher iron and also vitamin B12.


You can also ingest vitamin rich anchovies, sardines and shellfish (like mussels, oysters and clams). Oysters offer rich iron supply (almost 13.2 g in 3 oz). Doctors also recommend you to have poultry and iron rich red meat such as heart, liver and kidney.

Diet as Nuts and Legumes

Anemia can be eased down by eating nuts and legumes like almonds, pulses, dry dates, whole grain cereals, walnuts and peanuts. These help in expanding your hemoglobin level in the body and hence anemia will minimize automatically fully.

Nuts and Legumes

You can eat half cup walnut which consists of 3.75 mg of iron. Legumes including lima beans, kidney beans, pinto beans and green peas being huge source of iron are effective for anemia.

Honey in Diet

Honey in Diet

Honey possesses copper, iron and manganese. When these nutrients get into your body the hemoglobin rises and oxygen flow is smooth. Honey has the strength to fight anemia. You can even have honey along with bananas or apples for the body to also acquire iron and energy.

Fortified Foods Diet Remedy

Fortified foods like rice, pasta, breads, breakfast cereals and juice products are beneficial for treating anemia which includes iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and folate in mixture. The proper quantity of the fortified food will make an awesome progress in hemoglobin level.

Fortified Foods

Therefore the anemia patients should strictly intake the above valuable diets which will help the hemoglobin to convey oxygen superbly. Their focus should thus be on iron, zinc, copper, vitamin B12, protein and folic acid rich food during that phase.

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