6 Amazing Foods That Cure Piles

PilesPiles can be quite an uncomfortable and painful ailment and it affects the lifestyle of people, who are suffering from this problem. Medicines can only control the problem to some extent and usually surgery has to be performed in order to remove the hemorrhoids and cure piles.

However, there are many foods, which can be easily included in your diet, which will slowly but steadily help you reduce and then eliminate the hemorrhoids and cure the piles. Here are some foods that cure piles.

Foods That Cure Piles

High Fiber foods

Usually a diet high in fiber should be consumed by people suffering from piles. These fibers can be easily obtained from vegetables and fruits. Usually people, who suffer from piles also complain of chronic constipation and a high fiber diet helps in relieving constipation. However, you should go slow in increasing the amount of fiber in your diet if you have not been consuming much fiber. High fiber food is one of the best foods that cure piles.


Juices happen to be very beneficial for piles, and this is especially true of apple juice and dark berry juice combined in equal parts. The juices of dark berries that are most beneficial are blueberries, black berries and cherries.

Blueberries Juice

The berries are rich in proanthocyanidins and anthocyanins and these compounds help you reduce hemorrhoidal swelling and pain by strengthening and toning the veins of the hemorrhoids. You should consume one glass at least of the mixed juice of these berries.

Black Currant And Red Berries

Currant berries contain high amounts of rutin, minerals and vitamin C. This is why their juice is very effective as a food that cure piles. These berries also contain GLA which is a fatty acid that produces prostaglandin, which controls body pain. You should consume 1-2 glasses of the juice of these berries every day.

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Onion, Garlic And Ginger

It will be highly beneficial to include these herbs in your diet. These can be easily added to many dish recipes quite easily. These herbs are quite useful in a number of health problems and they are especially beneficial for piles. All of these herbs helps in breaking up of fibrin.

Onion And Garlic

This is the natural compound that enhances the healing of the breaks in organs, tissues and arteries. Do keep the consumption of these herbs within a limit because too much fibrin can cause the body to over react. The fibrin may get deposited in large quantities causing the arteries to become inflamed and particulary in the area of the hemorrhoids. These herbs are an excellent food that cure piles.


Make liberal use of olive oil, oil of flax seeds and apple cider vinegar with salads in every meal. You can also add olive oil and oil of flax seeds to some other dishes that you deem fit. Instead of this you can also take a fish oil capsule after every meal.

Foods That Help You Control Bleeding Of Hemorrhoids

Dark green leafy vegetables, blackstrap molasses, alfalfa and flax seeds – they contain lots of Omega 3 oils that help in reducing pain and inflammation. They also have high content of fiber.

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