5 Warning Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance That You Should Know About

5 Warning Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can be exactly termed as a chemical messenger that circulates within your body. They move through your blood vessels and normalize various imperative processes, such as cell growth, metabolism, reproduction, and sleep. The interesting fact about hormones is that each hormone is responsible for a different function and they may be fluctuating in their production throughout our life cycle. There can be instances when these hormones are produced in abundance and instances where they are produced in low quantities – each having a significant reaction in your body. This is especially experienced by women more as they undergo different stages in their lives like menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These hormonal imbalances or fluctuations can affect the overall physical and mental well being of a person. The seriousness levels depend on the type of hormones that are causing them and it would be wise to get the hormonal fluctuations addressed by a doctor. Do look out for these warning signs that you may be suffering from such imbalances. They can be easily identifiable and in many cases can be taken care of if detected early.

Here Are The 5 Warning Signs of Hormonal Imbalance That You Should Know About:

1. Hot Flashes

Hot flashes as the name suggest refers to the unexplained change in the body temperature and if you are experiencing heat throughout the body. This is more frequent during the nights and can be followed by bouts of excessive sweating. These are also known as night sweat and you may experience this even if the temperature in your room is chilly. Your body is controlled by a region in your brain known as the hypothalamus. Hormonal imbalances directly affect this area and these results in such hot flashes. This is more common among women –especially when they are experiencing menopause where hormonal changes take place. Consult with your physician in case you are experiencing such hot flashes regularly as hormonal imbalances could be the major reason.

Hot Flashes

2. Hair Loss

This is probably the most common indication that your body is experiencing hormonal changes. Your scalp and hair follicles are the first places that get affected when hormones alter. This affects both men and women equally. Hormonal imbalances promote the production of testosterone which hampers the strength of hair follicles resulting in hair loss. Also, these types of hair losses are harder to treat as they are not due to a result of a lack of a mineral or vitamin. In most of the cases, these hair loss symptoms can be severe. Women may mostly experience such condition post their pregnancy. Do check with your dermatologist if you lose hair at an exponential rate.

3. Weight Gain/ Loss

This is a no brainer. Hormonal changes drastically affect the metabolism of your body. This is mainly done by your thyroid glands. They secrete a hormone that is the root cause of metabolism and any changes to that alters the physical weight of your body to a vast extent. They can also indicate a condition known as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Changes in the hormone also make you stress abnormally and this releases adrenalin to cope up with the lost energy. In the long run, these can be extremely harmful to your health. Discuss with your doctor if you notice any abnormal weight changes in your body.

4. Depression

Apart from the external factors, the one factor that is responsible for the depression levels in your body is the hormonal changes that occur. The happiness quotient in your body depends on two hormones namely Endorphin and Serotonin. These hormones are always regularized so that the mood of the human system does not go into the overdrive. Any changes or imbalances that occur to these hormones can change the structure of happiness and may make you go in the exact opposite way – which is depression. These are also associated with mood swings and feeling ecstasy and bouts of loneliness. Depression without any external factor may turn out serious in the long run as in many cases there are no reasons for the bouts to happen. Do consult with your doctor accordingly.

5. Sleep Problems

Though this is not one of the common problems, such symptoms should also be not ignored. Hormonal imbalances can hamper your sleep patterns to a vast degree. Estrogen is a hormone that helps in regularizing the body temperature. It also aids in relaxing the muscles and in a way causes us to dream. Any changes to these hormones affect the pattern and you might be feeling awake most of the time or you might be having a prolonged sleep exposure. Insomnia can set in too and you might be experiencing a disturbed sleep pattern. These indications usually get regularized on their own. In case these symptoms prolong then check with your doctor.

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