5 Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Should Never Ignore

5 Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Should Never Ignore

Probably one of the most commonest metabolic diseases that have plagued the world from the times unknown to the modern times should be undoubtedly diabetes. It is a disease that affects everyone irrespective of the gender or the region and we can presume that almost one in every four individual of the world’s population has been affected by it at any given time. It is a disease that occurs when there is no insulin production in the body or if the insulin produced does not get used by the cells.

Till sometime back diabetes was just considered to be a disease, which was associated with an excess intake of sugar. But not anymore! It occurs due to a host of reasons and your lifestyle too plays a major part in it. Often people tend to associate diabetes as a silent killer – The reason being that diabetes does not show many of its symptoms and even when they are visible they look like common everyday conditions. But diabetes may lead to serious health complication including heart ailments, nerve injuries, kidney malfunctions etc. Let us have a look at some of the signs that may indicate that you have diabetes and signs that you should never ignore.

Here Are The 5 Warning Signs Of Diabetes That You Should Never Ignore:

1. Excessive Urination

This should be one of the simplest sign that you are suffering from diabetes. This is applicable for both the type 1 and type 2 cases. Diabetes makes your body produce extra sugar and glucose. This adds in the pressure to your kidneys and they put in an extra effort to ensure that the wastes are properly eliminated and absorb the extra glucose. This leads to the accumulation of glucose in your urine and naturally, your output gets increased. The frequent need to urinate and getting many times in the night to urinate – all these factors should not be taken lightly. Consult with your doctor immediately and check your glucose levels in blood under the circumstances as they can easily indicate diabetes.

2. Excess Thirst

This sign is in a way related to the first sign of excessive urination. Frequent urination makes your body dehydrated and you lose a valuable amount of water density from your body. This makes you feel thirsty at all times and you constantly keep your water sipper in your vicinity. Added to that if you are a soda/ aerated drink addict then the symptom multiples exponentially as they contain high levels of sugar. Also, it should be noted that drinking water under these circumstances will not keep the thirst under control. If you are witnessing abnormal levels of thirst even after keeping your body hydrated, consult your medical physician without fail.

Excess Thirst

3. Hunger Pangs

People who suffer from diabetes have a constant urge to eat more foods. Your body loses its functionality to regulate glucose levels when you are diabetic. As a result, the energy usage of your body gets hampered. Once your body gets deprived of energy, it increases your appetite levels so that you get more food and energy. Also, these extra cravings do not convert into energy in many cases and tend to get deposited as fat – leading to obesity. This also spikes up the blood sugar levels resulting in more severe symptoms. Never take these hunger indications lightly and if you experience this for longer duration check for your blood sugar levels with a blood test.

Hunger Pangs

4. Prolonged Injury/Wound

Your body’s immune system kicks in once you get a wound or an injury and as per the conditions, it gets healed it its own time. Diabetes curtails this process and restricts the immune system to give out their full potential. As a result, your wounds take a longer time to heal and in some severe cases, the cuts or bruises may not go away at all. Also, the sugar level hampers the arteries and puts an additional pressure on them. This causes them to restrict the flow of red blood cells to the areas that are damaged and effects in a poor healing. These are serious indications that your diabetes is going to the advanced stage. Seek medical help immediately under such circumstances.

Prolonged Injury/Wound

5. Blurry Vision

Hazy and blurry visions are also an indication that you suffer from diabetes. This can be due to the formation of high glucose levels in the blood. It also alters the fluid levels in your system and this can cause an inflammation in your eyes or swelling. Your vision may get hampered and you might be having difficulty in focusing. If left untreated, these can lead to serious ailments such as glaucoma and cataracts. Though not all eye related problems are due to diabetes, it is safe to check with your ophthalmologist on your blood sugar levels.

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