5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Dandelion

Unexpected Side Effects Of Dandelion

Dandelion is basically an herb. Many people use dandelion’s above part ground as well as the root to make different kinds of medicines. This herb is used in many different conditions, but as for now, there isn’t sufficient scientific proof or evidence in order for determining whether this herb is much effective for them or not in any way. Apart from certain benefits, this herb has many kinds of side effects.

Here Are 5 Unexpected Side Effects Of Dandelion:


Dandelion can also result in allergic reactions when consumed by mouth or even applied on the skin for people who are sensitive. Some people are allergic to certain ragweed as well as related plants and are most likely to get allergic to dandelion.

Allergy Reaction

Not For Pregnant Lady

Insufficient is thought about the utilization of dandelion amid pregnancy and bosom bolstering. Keep focused safe side and maintain a strategic distance from use. Avoid heavy consumption of this herb especially during this period.


Stomach Discomfort

Excessive consumption of this herb might lead to certain kinds of stomach discomfort. It might lead to indigestion or upset the stomach. While going through such cases, it is advised to better consult a doctor before the side effect becomes serious.

Stomach Ulcer

Interactions With Medications

Dandelion can likewise cooperate with specific meds and anti-infection agents, and it might adjust the adequacy of some medicine and also over the counter solutions, similar to acetaminophen. Individuals with certain gallbladder issues shouldn’t ingest dandelions.

Take Medicines

Weight Loss

Since dandelion is a characteristic diuretic, it might ease a few indications of bloating through expanded pee, however no experimental confirmation of its viability as a weight reduction help exists. Water maintenance can happen for various reasons. So, consult a doctor or work with a dietician before consuming too much of dandelion.
Dandelion is also used for certain loss in appetite, intestinal gas, upset stomach, joint pain, gallstones, , muscle aches, bruises and eczema. Dandelion herb is also used for increasing the urine production as well as a laxative for increasing the bowel movements. These are also used as a skin toner, digestive tonic and blood tonic.

Faulty weight loss programs

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