5 Tips To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Your eyes are God’s best gift to you. They help you to enjoy the beauty of nature, recognise your near and dear ones and they help you to perform your daily activities. It is natural to lose your sharp vision with age, but there are other factors also that cause damage to your vision.


In today’s times your eyes are exposed to strong glare of computer and TV. People working indoors for most part of the day are exposed to artificial lights. All these factors contribute in making your vision blurred, poor and they affect the health of your eyes in totality.

To improve your vision naturally, you should follow some simple guidelines to strengthen your eye muscles and preserve your vision.

Tips To Improve Your Vision Naturally

Splash Eyes With Fresh Water

Air pollution causes much harm to the eyes. Small dust particles in the atmosphere get into your eyes and cause itching, watering and blurred vision. Splash your eyes with fresh and cool water to refresh them, whenever you come back from outdoors.

Splash your eyes with fresh water first thing in the morning to remove mucus that gets accumulated in the eyes during sleep. It will make your eyes shine and sharpen your vision.

splash the eyes

Exercises To Improve Your Vision

Exercise helps to strengthen eye muscles and it improves vision. There are various types of simple exercises for the eyes that can be performed at any time. Sit straight; rotate your eyes slowly clockwise and anti clockwise 5-10 times in each direction. Close the eyes and relax.

Focusing on one object strengthens eye muscles and it improves concentration power. Place an object at eye level at 12 inches distance; stare at it without blinking for as long as you can. Relax and repeat. Do it 2-3 times to improve your vision naturally.


Rest Your Eyes To Improve Your Vision

Take frequent breaks to rest your eyes while working on the computer or while watching TV for prolonged period of time. Constantly watching the computer screen can cause computer vision syndrome. Take a break of 10-15 minutes after every two hours.

Look around or keep some flowers on your desk to refresh the eyes. If you are sitting near a window, then look outside for a change of scene. It will relax the eye muscles and remove strain from the eyes.

rest your eyes

Diet To Improve Your Vision

Certain food items like carrot, beetroot, papaya, fish and green leafy vegetables help to preserve eye sight and improve vision. All kinds of red coloured fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin A and E. Drink plenty of water and fresh vegetable and fruit juice to keep well hydrated to improve vision naturally.


Protect Your Eyes To Improve Your Vision

Avoid exposing the eyes in harsh sun rays to improve your vision. Wear a sun hat and sun glasses to protect your eyes from the strong glare of the sun. You should use sun glasses even in winters especially when taking part in winter sports. Always wear swim gear for the eyes while swimming to protect the eyes from chlorinated water of the pool. Read and work in well illuminated area to avoid eye strain and to improve your vision naturally.

protect your eyes

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.