5 Natural Cures For Sore Breasts

Natural Cures For Sore Breasts

If you’re a woman, you might have faced discomfort in your breasts at one or the other time. It usually comes up mid-way through your menstrual cycle or starts a week before your periods are due but it goes away once your period will start. It is completely normal because the body is going through a lot of hormonal changes at that time. In some cases, the discomfort or soreness in the breasts is so severe that women cannot carry out daily activities like work or chores around the house because of this.

That’s when you know you need some extra help. You can treat the soreness of the breasts at home itself. It is quite simple but will effectively reduce your discomfort in a way that it won’t interfere with your day to day activities. Here are some simple natural remedies for treating sore breasts:

Natural Cures For Sore Breasts

Detox Your System

Most of us have faulty detoxifying systems and it’s not our fault. It could be because of irregular eating habits or can be triggered by stress and tension. You could focus more on eating healthy and eating at the right times.

Fruits And Vegetables

Sometimes even the liver cannot process the oestrogen in our body and that’s why we have sore breasts. Eat  fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more of salads rather than relying on junk foods. Make sure you eat enough fibre that will help clear your digestive track.

Reduce Exposure To Harmful Agents

These days women manage work as well as the house. When women go for work, they are exposed to various chemicals and agents that may trigger soreness in breasts. Plastic is one of the agents that can trigger that.

Avoid using plastic bags or plastic cups for drinking purposes. Keep away from pesticides or insecticides because they can enter in you through skin and cause damage.


Keeping yourself hydrated in these times are really important for your body. Avoid caffeine and make sure you are consuming enough fluids that will keep you hydrated. Caffeine increases the stress levels in your body and that furthers the inflammation which may cause worsening of your symptoms or increase your soreness.


You must consume atleast 8 glasses of water in a day. In addition to this, have green tea atleast 3 times a day, fresh fruit juices and clear soups to increase fluid intake.

Reduce Inflammation

If there is an active inflammatory process happening in your body, the proteins that are secreted during an inflammation may cause the soreness in your breasts. Avoid animal meat which contains chemicals that will trigger the production of these proteins and increase the inflammation.

Cut down on your sugar level and you’ll feel a lot better. Sometimes even fats may cause the discomfort in your breasts so make sure you are keeping the count of fats that you are consuming.

Increase Dietary Iodine


It is noticed that iodine deficiency in the body leads to increased soreness in the breasts. Increase the uptake of iodine in your diet by including high salt content in your food. As a first step, you must get your iodine content checked by a physician and then you can take a step ahead.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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