5 Natural Cures For Albinism

AlbinismOur body produces a pigment known as melanin which is responsible to give us the colour of our skin and eyes. It is also responsible for maintaining the function of optic nerves associated with vision of the eyes. Albinism is a genetic disorder in which people have lowered levels or absence of this pigment.

Their skin is sensitive to sun exposure and they have a few eye sight issues since the beginning. In some cases, albinism leads to different skin and lung infections as well. Albinism doesn’t cause any degradation of mental and cognitive functions but there is no specific treatment for this condition. You can try and control the symptoms with the help of some natural cures as follows:

Various Ways To Cure Albinism

Sun Screen

The child or the patient should protect their skin even if they are sitting inside the house. Sun screen lotion that prevents UVA and UVB rays should be applied everywhere on the exposed parts of the body at all times.

Sunscreen lotion

The skin is very sensitive to UV rays hence sun screen is very essential. Make sure you wear clothing that is UV proof and swim wear than provides more protection than ordinary clothing when out in the sun.

Avoid Exposure Of Eyes

The eyes are a very important organ and you have to protect them at all times. Make sure you wear UV protective sun glasses when you step out of the house.

If possible, avoid exposing the eyes to the sun as much as possible. Wear hats and sun glasses whenever possible and avoid going outside during the afternoons or sunny days.

Eye Exercises

Sometimes due to albinism, children suffer from irregular eye movements known as nystagmus. In this condition, the eye ball is unstable and keeps moving. It doesn’t cause any change in vision but it is important to keep it in control.

Eye Exercises

Eye ball exercises by focusing on objects can help treat this condition. You should also do other forms of eye exercises which help in strengthening the eye muscles.

Wear Full Clothing

It is important to take care about the clothes that you are wearing when you have albinism. You should wear skin covering clothing at all times when you step outside the house. For precautionary measures, you could even wear full clothing inside the house. Make sure you wear full sleeves tops, full jeans or pants and hats all the time when you are outside.

Gloves or shoes along with socks could prove to be more beneficial. There is no cure for albinism and the effects that it has on your skin so sometimes you just need to protect yourself from the harmful effects.

Wear Glasses Prescribed

Wear Glasses

Children who suffer from albinism usually have eye sight issues of near as well as far vision. You should regularly visit the ophthalmologist to keep the eyesight under control and regularly wear the bifocal lenses that are prescribed. If you do not wear the glasses at all times, there is a possibility you might end up needing surgery for repairing the eyes.

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