5 Important Vitamins For Dry Skin

dry skinVitamins play a very important role when it comes to skin’s health and beauty. Dry skin can often be a result of lack of vitamins and hence eating a nutritious diet can be one of the biggest motivations for many people who want to improve the look and feel of their skin.

Eating a nutritious diet on regular basis can certainly change the way your skin feels and can banish that tight feeling which dry skin often produces.

Vitamins For Dry Skin

Vitamin A

When it comes to skin health, vitamin A is one of the most widely acknowledged nutrient for skin health. Vitamin A improves texture of skin by promoting epidermal differentiation, modulating dermal growth factors and promotes sebum secretion. Rough, dry and scaly skin is a common sign of vitamin A deficiency which generally first appears as rough and raised bumps on the back of the arms.

A diet rich in vitamin A can help in improving your skin’s condition dramatically. Rich sources of vitamin A include milk, eggs, butter, cream, leafy greens, carrots, pumpkins, etc. The richest sources of vitamin A are liver and cod liver oil. Taking a supplement of cod liver oil is also a good idea as it provides both vitamin A and D and a balance of these two vitamins helps in avoiding overdose of vitamin A.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another crucial vitamin for skin functioning. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant and helps in fighting free radicals in our body. Free radicals are harmful and toxic substances in our body which exacerbate aging of skin and cause many other health problems.

 Vitamin E


Free radicals are caused by pollution, smoking, consumption of unhealthy foods,sun exposure, etc. Vitamin E rich creams help in reducing appearance of age spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, etc. Vitamin E rich foods include leafy green vegetables, almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and helps in keeping skin troubles at bay. Vitamin C deficiency results in scurvy which shows up in rough skin and hair. This vitamin is also responsible for production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is a protein responsible for making skin soft and supple. Vitamin C rich foods include citrus fruits, green vegetables, fruits, green chilies, bell peppers, guava, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, etc.

Vitamin D

Researchers have recently found that adequate levels of vitamin D in the  body means well moisturized skin. Vitamin D helps in correct balancing of a number of tissues in the skin leading to a better hydrated skin.

Vitamin D


Rich sources of vitamin D include eggs, fish like sardines, tuna, cod liver oil, etc. Besides, sitting in the early morning sun for some time also helps in absorption of vitamin D in body.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is another group of vitamins highly beneficial for dry skin. Vitamin B1 boosts circulation in the body and gives skin a certain glow. Biotin forms the basis of our skin cells and a deficiency of biotin can lead to dry and itchy skin. Include foods like bananas, eggs, oatmeal and rice for biotin.

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