5 Herbal Remedies For Skin

Herbal Remedies For Skin

Skin is considered to be very sensitive type of organ that should be taken care by using various types of methods. It is very sensitive as it can show immediate changes as exposed to high heat and cold. Various types of issues such as environmental as well as other reasons are leading to damage the skin. Proper types of methods should be used to take care of the skin and maintain it for long period. Herbal solutions can guarantee for desired types of results. Herbal solutions are good to skin and do not pose any sort of side effects.

Here Are The 5 Herbal Remedies For Skin:


Turmeric is a good herb that is used to cure various types of skin related issues. It is seen that use of turmeric in various form can help to take care of the skin. All types of skin spots and pimples can be removed by applying turmeric paste. Take some turmeric paste and add lemon juice to it. Apply the mixture and wash it after few minutes.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used as common type of herb to take care of the skin. All kinds of skin issues can be cured by the use of the gel that is extracted from aloe Vera. You can simply apply the gel on the skin and allow it to dry. Continuous use of aloe gel will help to take care of the skin issues and maintain good condition of skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil that is extracted from the main herb is very useful to take care of the entire skin. Use of this oil will not allow the skin to become excessive dry. Few people who are suffering from skin drying problem and suffering from other skin ailments can use this tea tree oil to gain more benefits.

Tea Tree Oil


Lavender is a good type of herb that can help to provide soothing effect to the skin and take care of it. Use of this herb will avoid formation of wrinkles and can help to maintain the firmness of the skin.


Green Tea

Green tea has huge amount of good antioxidants that will help to take care of the skin from harmful radiations coming from the skin. Use of green tea in various methods will help to avoid the effect of free radicals present in sunlight. The condition of pigmentation can also be improved.

Green Tea (2)

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