5 Health Benefits Of Oak Moss Essential Oil

Health Benefits of Oak Moss Essential Oil

Essential oils are fast gaining popularity as their full potential and benefits are just being realised by researchers and aroma therapists; one such oil that has recently gained a lot of popularity the Oak Moss essential oil.

This essential oil is derived from green moss or lichen a.k.a. Evernia Prunastri that grows on oak trees. Oak trees are native to North America and Europe. The best Oak Moss essential oil is extracted in France, Bulgaria and the US. Ugly as oak moss may look, this moss is filled with natural goodness that as resulted in it rapidly gaining popularity.

Let Us Take A Look At The Health Benefits Associated With This Particular Oil:

1. Relief From Congestion

Oak Moss essential oil can provide relief from nasal congestion, congestion in the chest, breathing difficulties, asthma and cough. This is because this oil pulls out phlegm and catarrh and provides relief. Unlike other decongestants available in the market, this oil doesn’t leave you feeling groggy after use and is quite effective in treating congestion naturally.

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2. Treatment Of Wounds And Infections

Oak Moss essential oil has strong antiseptic properties. When applied to the wound or affected area, the oil creates an environment that is not conducive for microbes to grow, thereby protecting the wound. It also eliminated microbes that are present in the affected area and prevents infection.

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3. Restore Health To Skin

Oak Moss essential oil is referred to as restorative oil because of its ability to restore things to their original state. As a result of this, this oil is used extensively to diminish changes resulting from aging and daily activities. This restores overall health and speeds up healing of the body.

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4. Relief From Inflammation And Irritation

Oak Moss essential oil has a soothing effect on anything exposed to it. This oil can soothe any kind of inflammation or irritation. It soothes skin and keeps it soft and supple by keeping it hydrated and nourished. It soothes our stomach by providing relief to irritations and inflammations that result from acidity.


5. Moisturize Skin

Oak Moss essential oil is capable of balancing the oil in the skin and retaining moisture making it a great moisturizer. Using this oil regularly can reduce skins of aging, thanks to its restorative properties, and keep skin soft and glowing.
The full potential of the Oak Moss essential oil is still being explored`, but everything known so far indicates that it is truly a gift from nature.

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