5 Foods To Treat Erectile Dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunctionsErectile dysfunction is a very common disease among the men and yet almost every men try to avoid the discussion about this disease. The sexual life & the family life of the persons suffering from erectile dysfunction get completely shattered and a huge frustration comes into play.

Many happy families simply break up due to this disease. However, there are a number of drugs available in the market which are more or less effective in curing the effects of this disease. But one thing is sure that almost all the chemical drugs have sufficient harmful effects. Stress, diabetes, malnutrition, smoking, vascular diseases, hormone disorders, radiation, drugs etc. are the main causes of the erectile dysfunction.

The research shows that having the proper level of diet can significantly reduce the effect of erectile dysfunction. Foods containing vitamin E, zinc, fish oils and also the fresh vegetables & fruits largely help to fight. Obesity and overweight make the erectile dysfunction worse. Foods containing high amou erectile dysfunctionnt of sugar, fat & sodium degrade the condition. However, there are some specific food which helps to treat erectile dysfunction:

Foods To Treat Erectile Dysfunctions

Foods With High Zinc

Zinc has a vital role in the sexual life of a person by increasing the production of testosterone hormone and sperm mobility. A large portion of people suffering from erectile dysfunction is reported to have lower amounts of zinc.


Foods, like chicken, turkey, whole grain products, peanuts, yogurt, lamb, beef, salmon, milk, cheese etc have a high amount of zinc in them and hence, these are extremely helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.


A chemical element called Citruline is extremely helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. In the human body Citruline converts to another chemical called Arginine and it releases nitric oxide in the human body. Nitric oxide is extremely helpful in increasing the blood flow in the blood vessels and thereby increasing the sexual potential.


Watermelon is reported to be the only fruit, which contains a sufficient amount of Citruline. The best erectile dysfunction-fighting elements can be obtained from the watermelon if the rind of the watermelon is crushed in the juicer and that juice is consumed daily.

Foods Containing Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a vital role in increasing the sexual potency of a person. The flow of blood and the sexual excitement can be greatly increased with the proper consumption of vitamin E.

Vitamin E


Almonds, peanuts, broccoli, mango, spinach and such other fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of vitamin E supplements and hence help to treat erectile dysfunction.

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Coconut Water

Coconut water

Coconut water is rich with different electrolytes of magnesium, sodium & potassium. These electrolytes greatly increase the energy of a human body, enhances the muscle functionalities and increase the blood flow in blood vessels. Naturally, daily consumption of a single glass of coconut water largely diminishes the effects of erectile dysfunction.



Papaya is a very common fruit to increase the sexual potentiality of a person and treat erectile dysfunction. This fruit is enriched with Arginine, which produces Nitric Oxide in the human body that greatly helps in increasing the blood flow. Thus, by taking papaya daily, you can cure your erectile dysfunction to a great extent.

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