5 Exercises For Tightening Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

Exercises For Tightening Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

Who Doesn’t Want To Look Fab And Wish To Receive Compliments After Losing Weight? No Doubt It’s A Matter Of Pride To Lose Weight But A Considerable Adverse Effect Of Losing Weight Is Sagging Skin. More Precisely, To Say It Is The Two Aspects Of The Same Coin-losing Weight To Look Fab And Sagging Skin As A Consequence Of Weight Loss. No Doubt Weight Loss Regime Makes You Gorgeous But What If Instead Of Flaunting Your Body, You Are Required To Be Focused On Hiding Your Sagged Skin.

Now, You Need Not To Fret, We Will Present Before You Quite A Few Exercises That Not Only Helps To Restore The Tightness And Elasticity Of The Skin But Also Helps You To Look Toned And Fit. Along With These Exercises A Well-balanced Diet And Avoiding Un-necessary Skipping Of Meals Are The Key Elements Which Helps You To Tone Your Skin At Large. Well Frankly Speaking, The Overall Effectiveness Of These Exercises Is Directly Proportionated To Your Age, The Amount Of Weight You Have Lost And The Duration For Which You Will Perform These Stretching Exercises.

Let’s Have An Insight Into These 5 Such Exercises That Goes A Long Way In Tightening The Sagged Skin After The Weight Loss Regime. Now, We Will Discuss These Exercises In Detail, One-by-one:

1. Lying Leg Raises:

This Is One Of The Wonderful Exercise That Goes A Long Way In Toning And Tightening The Lose Skin Mort Precisely Around Hips And Abdominal Area. An Added Advantage Of Doing This Exercise Is That You Don’t Require Any Gym Machine Or Equipment For Carrying Out This.

Procedure To Carry Out This Exercise:

Try To Perform This Exercise On Yoga Mat, So That You Are Quite Comfortable In Performing This Exercise And Your Back Is Well Sustained And Balanced. Now, Initiate This Exercise By Laying Flat On Your Back, With Your Arms Stretched Against The Border Area Of Your Body And Stretching Your Legs In The Upward Direction, Thus Making An Angle Of 90 Degrees Or Portray A ‘l’ Shape With Your Body. The Key Idea Here Is Keep Your Legs Straight As Much As Possible And Then Lowering Them Off The Ground Area, Then Again Lift Your Legs, Stretch Them And Again Lower Your Legs Off The Ground Area. This Way You Are Severely Working Around Your Abdominal Area, Thereby Making It More Toned, Which

Lying Leg Raises

Has Become Sagged After Weight Loss. Perform This Exercise In 3 Sets, With 12-15 Repetitions. Mind It, You Are Required To Drink A Lot Of Water And Take A Rest Of About 5 Min. During Each Set.

2 Straight –Leg Sit Ups:

This Exercise Is Often Considered As An Optimum Exercise That Helps A Long Way In Toning The Obliques Of Your Body Posture Along With The Top-most Sagged Area Of Your Abdomen.

Procedure To Carry Out This Exercise:

This Exercise Is Quite Simple As Its Name, You Don’t Need To Buy An Equipment For Performing This Exercise. First, Simply Lay Down On Your Yoga Mat, With Your Hands Positioned Behind Your Head And Then Stretch Your Straight Legs As Much As You Can- This Posture Helps To Keep Both Your Neck As Well As Head In A Comfortable And Sustained Manner. Now, Try To Exert Pressure On Your Abdominal Area And Bring Yourself From A Lying Position To The Sitting Position Or Try To Make An Angle Of 90 Degrees. After This, Try To Bring The Back Of Your Body To The Ground On Mat And Lay Down Comfortably. Perform This In 3 Sets With 15 Repetitions.

Straight –Leg Sit Ups

3. Air Biking Exercise:

This Is One Of The Major Exercise For Toning The Flabbiness In Tummy After Weight Loss. Performing This Exercise Will Do Great Deal In Tightening The Flabbiness In The Tummy, Which Is The Cause Of Immediate Weight Loss.

Procedure To Carry Out This Exercise:

The Air Biking Exercise Is Also Performed While You Lay Down On Your Back. Let’s See, How We Can Do This Exercise. First Of All, Place Your Hands Behind Your Head, With Your Elbows In The Bent Position, Now Try To Pull The Knees Slightly Towards You. At The Second Instance, With The Help Of Your Abs, Curl Up Your Shoulders Off The Floor Try To Do A Cycling Movement. Now, Try To Pull Left Elbow To Your Right Knee In A Way They Are Almost Touching Each Other. Similarly This Exercise For Your Right Elbow And Left Knee, Unless And Until They Are Almost Touching Each Other. Carry Out This Exercise By Making Alternate Movements Of Your Left And Right Knee And Elbow. Also Perform This Exercise In 3 Sets With 14-15 Repetitions.

Air Biking Exercise

4. Pelvic Thrust Exercise:

Pelvic Thrust Exercise Is Often Considered As An Optimum, Well Tried And Tested By Many Professionals That Works On The Toning Of The Core Muscles Of Your Body Which Includes Lower-back Muscles, Lower Abdominal Muscles, Muscles Of The Pelvic Floor, Glutes As Well As On Hamstrings. This Exercise Requires A Minimal Equipment And Is Very Simple To Do.

Procedure To Carry Out This Exercise:

This Exercise Is Somewhat Similar To Lying Leg Exercise. First, Simply Lay Down On Your Yoga Mat, With Your Legs Held In Raised Position From The Floor And Thus Making An Angle Of 90 Degrees. Now, In Order To Complete One Repetition Of This Exercise, Slowly-slowly Try To Lift Your Pelvis Off The Ground In The Up-ward Direction, By Exerting A Pressure On The Lower-abdominal Muscles. Now, Slowly Bring Yourself Back To The Ground. Do This Exercise In 3 Sets With 10 Repetition.

Pelvic Thrust Exercise

5. The Side Bridge Exercise:

It Has Been Usually Observed That The Oblique Muscles Are The Most Neglected Side Abdomen Muscles Of Your Body. When You Weight Loss Rapidly, The Sagged Skin Of Your Tummy May Makes You A Bit Conscious. This Exercise Has Been Categorized As One Of The Best Exercise For Toning Your Tummy And Thus Strengthening The Most Neglected Obliques Of Your Body.

Procedure To Carry Out This Exercise:

For Performing This Exercise, Just Lie Down Comfortably On The One Side Of Your Body, Thus Resting The Weight Of Your Whole Body On The Elbow And Forearm. After This, Try To Lift The Mid-section Until Your Chest And Legs Are Slightly Sloped In The Upward Direction, Thus Making A Straight Line. Try To Hold –on This Position For A While And Then Come Back To Your Original Body Posture. Now Repeat The Same Pattern For The Other Side Of Your Body As Well. This Exercise Will Definitely Aid In Toning Your Abs. Try To Do It In 4 Sets With 10 Repetitions.

The Side Bridge Exercise

So, Guys Forget To Spend The Hefty Amounts On Surgery For Toning Or Tightening The Lose Skin After Weight Loss. Just Follow Up The Above Listed Exercises And Toned Up Your Sagged Skin Besides Contouring Your Whole Body And Flaunt Your Sexy Body Without Worrying About Your Sagged Skin.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.