5 Excellent Herbs To Cure Bronchitis

Severe inflammation of the trachea as well as bronchi caused especially due to intense coughing and cold is commonly known as bronchitis. Entry of several viruses and bacteria like Mycoplasma are also known to result in the problem of bronchitis.


Being a continual ailment, bronchitis is found to have numerous medical treatments which may often result in rigorous consequences. There are a few excellent herbs that are found to be useful in treating the diseases like bronchitis without causing any other complications.

5 Herbal Remedies For Bronchitis


Eucalyptus is one of the tremendous as well as widely used herbal remedies for curing bronchitis very efficiently. Inhaling a little of fresh eucalyptus oil is proved to be beneficial in treating bronchitis.

The sharp aroma of this herb is found to be effective in relieving problems like congestion and constant coughing. Using this herb can also be regarded as one of the most excellent methods to relax the phlegm. Having small sips of freshly prepared eucalyptus tea can also be helpful in curing bronchitis.

Eucalyptus Oil


Yarrow is another effective herbal cure used in the case of bronchitis. This herb, namely yarrow, is proved to show excellent anti-inflammatory properties which can be used in handling the trouble of bronchitis. Using this herb can be advantageous in relieving congestion and hence in reducing the swelling of trachea as well as bronchi. This is proved to be one of the commonly used herbal cures in the case of respiratory disorders including bronchitis.



Both roots and leaves of this herb are found to be useful in treating certain ailments like bronchitis. Marshmallow is commonly used in the treatment of sore throat, cough and cold which are proved to result in the difficulties like bronchitis.

Applying a little of marshmallow extract over the throat can be beneficial in reducing the inflammation and hence relieving the problem completely. Drinking a cup of herbal tea prepared by using marshmallow roots can be effective in curing bronchitis very effectively.

Marshmallow Root

Holy Basil

Basil leaves are also effective in treating the ailments including bronchitis. The excellent antibacterial as well as anti viral properties are found to be useful in reducing the swelling of the bronchi very efficiently.

Drinking half a cup of warm herbal tea, prepared by adding a few basil leaves, can be valuable in curing bronchitis completely. Basil leaves are also found to be helpful in removing the mucous from our nose and hence providing a relief from the trouble.

Basil Leaves


Ginseng is one of the valuable herbal cures used in the case of bronchitis and several other respiratory troubles. A special ingredient of this herb, specifically ginsenoside, is proved to be useful in curing bronchitis by reducing the inflammation very effectively.

Consuming a small quantity of this herb can be helpful in managing the ailments like bronchitis. However, consuming this herb in excess can be toxic in most cases. Patients suffering from heart diseases should keep away from using this herb to avoid further complications.

Moringa, mullein, ginger, fenugreek, goldenseal etc. are other useful herbal cures used in curing the problem of bronchitis and several other chronic respiratory troubles.


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