5 Essential Vitamins That Boost Metabolism

Vitamins to Boost MetabolismVitamins are an indispensable part of healthy well being that in addition to prevention of disease, also aid in curing various health conditions. Those with poor metabolism are usually associated with vitamin deficiency and on consumption of vitamins show a boost in metabolism reverting it back to the healthy form.

Vitamins that boost metabolism will also cure condition like hypothyroidism, fatigue and difficulties involved with losing excess weight. A sluggish metabolism puts down the ability of the body to lose weight and feel energetic, irrespective of whether one eats properly or not. There are several ways to improve metabolism, but the most healthy approach will be using the natural vitamins that help to boost the metabolic rate, without showing any adverse effects on the body.

Important Vitamins To Boost Metabolism

B complex vitamins are crucial for healthy metabolism and boosting energy flow in the body. These together promote in development of strong immune system, metabolism, healthy skin, muscle tone and increase in functioning and growth of cells involved in metabolism.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps in production of red blood cells ensuring proper assimilation of energy for all activities of body, including metabolism. Consume more of potatoes, bananas, lentils and chili peppers as these are rich sources of vitamin B12. Since, this vitamin is not available in plant form, one need to consume tuna, liver or turkey to achieve its adequate levels in the diet.

Vitamins B12


For vegetarians, it becomes important to ingest supplements of vitamin B12 for healthy gut and metabolic processes. Though, all B complex vitamins are useful for boosting metabolism and energy within the body, but more significantly, vitamin B12 when consumed sublingually will generate an immediate positive effect on metabolism. Vitamin B12 promotes metabolism with rapid results, when consumed just prior to having a meal.

Vitamin B5 Or Pantothenic Acid

Vitamin B5 is very essential for sustaining life and proper utilization of energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is present in coenzyme A (Co A) form within the body. Vitamin B5 helps in production of steroid hormones, cholesterol, essential fats and hemoglobin component that carries oxygen in red blood cells.

Vitamin B5


Deficiency symptoms of vitamin B5 include fatigue, headache and listlessness. Inadequate consumption of pantothenic acid, below 5 mg per day will slow down the metabolic processes. Include foods like broccoli, milk, chicken and yogurt in diet to suffice its requirements.

Vitamin B3 Or Niacin

Niacin is useful for DNA repair, stress resistance, metabolism and regulation of lifespan. The vitamin gets converted into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) in the body, facilitating energy metabolism. The recommended dose of vitamin B3 is 16 mg every day and is present in good amounts in salmon, chicken, fortified cereals and tuna.

Vitamin B2 Or Riboflavin

Riboflavin helps in proper assimilation of oxygen to each body cell and very useful for metabolizing toxins and energy production. Additionally, it is crucial for utilization of folic acid, vitamin B6 and niacin.

Vitamin B2


It overcomes the deficiency of iron, thereby increasing RBC count that further boosts metabolism. The adequate requirement of vitamin B2 is 1.3 mg on regular basis. Include foods like cheddar cheese, spinach, chicken, salmon and fortified cereals in your diet, to achieve benefits of this vitamin.

Vitamin D

In absence of adequate amounts of vitamin D, the hormones responsible for regulation of metabolism decline severely. Vitamin D is precursor of various biological hormones.

Vitamin D


Therefore, adequate levels of vitamin D are necessary to overcome all metabolic issues or complications and achieve benefits in general health and boost metabolic activities.

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