5 Effective Home Remedies For Mastitis

MastitisMastitis is a staphylococcus infection affecting the breast tissue. It is usually seen in women who are lactating or breast feeding but in some cases it may be seen in other women as well. The symptoms of mastitis are redness, warmth and irritation in the breast. In some cases, the woman might also notice chills and fever. The female is unable to properly feed the child because of lack of energy and high fatigue level. 

Mastitis is an aggressive infection and can cause further complications if not immediately treated. It could enter the blood stream and affect other organs as well. The causes of mastitis may be poor hygienic conditions during or after delivery of the baby. The hospital and surroundings of the mother need to be completely clean so that it does not facilitate any growth of microorganisms. The best way to tackle mastitis is to treat it at home. You need to be very careful about the medications that you will be using because the female is feeding the child and it may cause harm via the breast milk. Here are some simple home remedies:

Home Remedies For Mastitis

Cold Pack

Ice pack or cold packs can be used to keep the inflammation down. Between feeding periods use a good compressing cold pack and keep it on the breast tissue for about 15 minutes.

Ice Packs

Some people prefer heating pads but that could sometimes lead to increase in itching of the skin. You could also wet a towel in cold water and give a compress.

Raw Garlic

Have garlic juice or clove juice at least twice daily. Garlic happens to be a natural antibiotic and kills any kind of microorganism or disease causing antigen.



Its action is also quite rapid and you will be able to notice the difference within no time. Remember to not cook the garlic because heat will destroy its antimicrobial properties. For the best action, it needs to be in its raw form.

Clean Clothing

Make it a habit to clean and wash the baby’s and mother’s clothes on a daily basis. You should make sure that the mother isn’t coming in contact with any dirty clothing, bed sheets or linens while she is sick.

Keeping hygienic conditions will reduce the chances of any spread of the disease. The mother should also wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Avoid anything tight as it will aggravate the irritation.

Vitamin C

It is the vitamin for immunity. When any infection attacks the body, it is important to keep the immunity system active. Consume a good amount of vitamin C to boost up your immunity so that the body can fight the infection better.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found in various fruits juices like oranges and tomato soups. You can also consume fresh fruits and green vegetables to maintain your immune status.


Rosemary is a natural healing herb. Prepare a rosemary infusion by mixing 2-4 teaspoons of dried leaves of rosemary with boiling water.


After about 10 minutes when it cools down, apply it on the breast tissue. You can also use it along with ice so that the inflammation comes down. Both these agents will act aggressively and make the affected individual feel better almost instantly.

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