5 Effective Hip Thrust Exercises And Their Benefits

Hip Thrust Exercises And Their Benefits

It is always covetable for a woman to have a superlative figure. And a perfect figure also consists of lovely hips. And hip thrusts exercises are not only meant for pretty hips but also make the gluteus flexible and the back muscles strong. A person gets an optimal hip extension with improved strength and power of speed running by doing these exercises. Gluteus consists of three muscles. From them, gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the entire body. All most all lower body movements are powered by this muscle. So it is necessary to improve the gluteus by doing these exercises.

Below Are The 5 Hip Trust Exercise And Their Benefits:

1. Butt Lifts

By lying down on the back one should bend the knees. And during this process, the feet and shoulders should touch the floor. By the person’s arm, the body should be lifted to the maximum level while the shoulders and feet are touching the ground. Then the body should return to the lower position but should not touch the ground this exercise should be repeated for several times up to 30 seconds.


This exercise helps in alleviating the pain of lower back. Also, strengthen the gluteus muscles.

Butt Lifts

2. Donkey Kick

In this exercise, the person should start with groveling on ground. One leg is lifted behind with the knee bent. This leg should be lifted until it is in a line with body.


This exercise strengthens the muscles of butt and helps butt to increase in size.

Donkey Kick

3. Hip Thrusts With Leg Lift

This exercise starts with lying down on the person’s back with the feet and shoulders touching the ground. Then one of the legs is lifted straight following by lifting the hips. The hips should be lifted as high as it is possible. The process should be done with switching both legs for about 10 – 12 times.


This exercise helps to increase the butt and improves the endurance. Also, works on lowering the pain of lower back.

Hip Thrusts With Leg Lift

4. Dumbbells Hip Thrusts

This exercise starts with lying on the floor with the back of the body and with a bent knee and elbow. Then a dumbbell is taken with hand and kept over hips. After this, the chest and butt are lifted upwards. Then the person should return to the starting position. This process should be repeated to several times. This exercise can be performed on the floor or with a help of bench. And the difference is A bench is placed at the back for support. And the person has to sit on but with the support of the bench and the exercise starts.


It strengthens both upper and lower part of the body with butts.

Dumbbells Hip Thrusts

5. Barbell Hip Thrusts

This exercise can be done after one has practiced all the basic hip thrusts. It is a complicated exercise. To start the exercise on should first sit on the butt with flat feet on the ground. A bench is placed at the back for support. Then the barbell is placed on above the pubic bone. Then the hips should be lifted up as possible as it can be and then the hips are lowered down.


This exercise also strengthens the quadriceps, lower abs along with the butt. It is the most effective exercise to enhance the power of lower body muscles.

Barbell Hip Thrusts

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