5 Diet Tips For Easing Jet Lag

International travelers and people who visit a place in a different time zone through an airplane often suffer from the problem of jet lag. This problem occurs when our body is unable to adjust to the new place. Our body functions according to the internal clock of the place we live in. A change of time zone causes a disturbance in this clock leading to symptoms like nausea and tiredness. There can be concentration problems also. It takes about one week time to adjust to the new place. Diet can help in fighting the jet lag symptoms. Combine feasting with fasting for best results. We will give some diet tips for jet lag. Use our tips and suggestions to make a diet plan that helps in traveling happily without any problems.

Following Are The 5 Diet Tips For Easing Jet Lag:

1. Drink Fluids

Dehydration and lack of water in the body can cause tiredness and weakness.[1] To avoid this problem, increase the intake of fluids like water and fruit juice. Drink liquids before the journey and while traveling. You can also take herbal tea. Take nonalcoholic fluids.


2. Take Protein Rich Foods

Protein foods give a lot of energy to fight the problem of jet lag.[2] Thus, you should eat protein rich foods like beans and dairy foods. Non-vegetarian people can eat eggs, meat, and fish. These foods help in providing energy for five hours by stimulating adrenalin in our body.


3. Take Foods With Carbohydrates

Apart from taking protein foods, you can also take foods that contain carbohydrates.[3] The best foods with carbohydrates for fighting the symptoms of jet lag are bread and potato. Alternate these foods with protein foods. You can take pasta for getting carbohydrates.


4. Drink Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee are two caffeinated drinks that contain high amounts of natural chemicals known as methylated xanthenes, which help in fighting jet lag symptoms.[4] However, you must take the drinks at particular times. Stop taking tea and coffee three days before the journey. Start taking the drinks after reaching the new destination.


5. Take Fasting Foods

Doing fasting is very beneficial for avoiding problems caused by jet lag. Stop taking the normal foods you take in daily meals. When you are fasting, you can take foods like fruits and salads.[5] Besides this, you can take liquids like soups and fruit juice. Start the fast 3 days before the journey.


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