5 Best Yoga Poses For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel SyndromeA pain in your wrist can be devastating, as your wrist is a delicate part which moves very frequently, increasing your trauma! One of the major causes of wrist pain is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is caused due a pinched nerve in your wrist.  This syndrome may occur due to faulty wrist usage, an underlying medical condition, or merely for wrist-anatomy reasons. 

Apart from pain you may also experience numbness and weakness of your hand, if you leave this condition unattended for long. Fortunately, this syndrome can be treated medically and by performing certain yoga exercises.

Yoga For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dolphin Pose (Puppy Pose)

The Dolphin Pose strengthens the wrists, as it moves the wrists without placing excessive body weight pressure on them. It is performed by lying on all fours, by assuming the yoga Table Top Pose.  After this, straighten your legs gradually, while resting your forearms completely on the floor.

Dolphin Pose

This action provides a taut twist to your wrists without placing excessive pressure due to the body weight on it. This pose resembles the Downward Facing Dog Pose with the body weight being supported by the forearms.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana is a simple pose requiring you to stand straight and fold your hands in the Indian way of saluting. This pose involves bending the hands at right angles to the wrist.


which is positioned parallel to the arms, horizontally. This exercise generally strengthens the spine and stretches the nerves of the carpal, thus relaxing them.

Anjali Mudra (Reverse Namaste)

Anjali Mudra

Anjali Mudra involves holding your hands in the Indian prayer pose behind you. This provides a complete stretch to your wrists thereby relaxing the pinched nerves and relieving you of the carpal tunnel syndrome. This pose not only strengthens your wrist, but also your hands and shoulders.

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Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose)

Gomukhasana involves trying to interlock your hands behind you. This pose stretches your wrists while you try to tightly interlock your hands. The pull experienced by your wrists while interlocking your hands, strengthens your wrists and relaxes pinched nerves.


To perform this yoga pose, sit on the floor with your legs crossing each other at knees (one leg should be completely on top of the other). After assuming the required seated position, pass one hand at the back from the abdominal level and pass the other over your shoulder. Now, interlock your hands at the back.

Garudasana (Eagle Pose)

Garuda in Sanskrit means Eagle. The Eagle pose involves interlocking your hands and legs respectively, in a standing position. The interlocking of the hands stretches the wrists and thereby relaxes the pinched nerves of the wrist. Though it looks complicated, Garudasana is easy to perform. Firstly, you have to stand straight and balance yourself fully.


Now, bend your knees slightly and hook your left leg over your right. Balancing yourself in this position, hook your left arm over your right, and interlock your palms. This exercise helps in providing a healthy twist to your wrists which stretches them and strengthens them.

The other yoga poses that you could try are the yoga back-bending exercises such as the Bow Pose and the Supported Bridge Pose. Generally, you should avoid poses such as Full Wheel Pose, Arm Balances and Downward Facing Dog Pose that place high pressure on your wrists.

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