5 Best Yoga For Breathing Problems

Breathing ProblemsSome people breathe in the right way, few utilize only the upper portion of lungs, and some people breathe via the diaphragm (lower portion), thus the upper part is remained motionless and somewhat crumpled. Hence, it is very important to breathe well. You can correct your breathing difficulty by doing proper yoga via regular practice of Pranayam.

It has distinct methods which are carved for the greatest utilization of your lungs. The breathing flow is superb by the yoga and it makes you even more calming. Your improper breathing will turn out to be normal. We’ve presented here 5 best yoga exercises in order to stay away from breathing problems.

Yoga For Breathing Problems

Sukha Pranayama, Known As Victorian Breath

In this yoga you have to sit straight, as if you’re meditating. You have to set your palms on your knees and breathe in a natural way. When you’re inhaling you’re allowing the abdominal wall to stir out and when you’re exhaling you’re allowing it to stir in. Thus while doing this your mind is very apparent, you’re feeling the abdominal stirring.

Sukha Pranayama

Inhaling makes you sense the flowing of energy and exhaling will prevent your tensions and stress fully. As you do the yoga, your concentration level heightens, stress and hypertension is released, your body relaxes, and your nervous system and respiratory system reinforces.

Kapalbhati, Known As Cleansing Breath

While sitting relaxed you’ve to exhale via both your nostrils. Thus you feel the contraction in the middle and low abdomen part. Inhale, take deep breath and then exhale out forcefully. Steadily you’ve to enhance the frequency rate to 100 strokes per minute.


This yoga make your nose passages clean, distils the front part of brain, and helps in fighting diabetes, asthma and also chronic bronchitis apart from distinct nervous panic.

Bhastrika, Known As Bellows Breath

In this yoga you have to sit with closed eyes and left hand on left knee. Then you close the right nostril with the help of right thumb; exhale via left nostril and quickly inhale vehemently. Then close the left nostril, exhale via right nostril and inhale quickly. You have to repeat the procedure as you increase the speed gradually.


At the same time you have contract and make bigger the abdomen muscles and come back to the original speed gradually. The yoga will help you to perk up the digestive organs, decreases extra fat from abdominal part and also good for respiratory system covering bronchial tubes and diaphragm.

Bhramari Yoga, Known As Bee Breath

When you sit up straight you have to inhale deeply via your nose and allow the inhalation to stroke the throat portion. You have to close your ears softly with the help of index fingers and eyes closed too.

Bhramari Yoga

Slowly you need to exhale thus creating a long buzzing sound. This yoga is good for pregnant women; it helps in clearing voice for singers, and also produces happiness and joy in your mind.

Sheetali Yoga, Known As Cooling Breath

As you place your both palms on the knees with closed eyes, you draw outwards your tongue. You inhale as you do it, suck air via it and load the lungs fully. Thus you extract the tongue and seal the mouth. You have to grasp your breath for few seconds and then exhale steadily via nose. You can repeat this method for many times.

Sheetali Yoga

Sheetali yoga is beneficial in curing fever, lessens high blood pressure and tension, relaxes your nervous system, and it is also appropriate for spleen and liver.

Hence the above yoga is advantageous for staying away from breathing problems.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.