5 Best Natural Sunscreens For Dry Skin

5 Best Natural Sunscreens For Dry Skin

Sunscreens are the best and element which can protect you from the harmful effect of sunray`s and the skin damage caused due to the sun tan! Sunscreens have a great sun protection factor which would layer your skin and protect it from getting tanned! If you think that only the market based products and sunscreen can protect you from skin tanning! There is few natural sun protecting ingredients which can keep your skin hydrated, flawless and would also act as a protective layer! The natural minerals, nutrients and skin enriching properties of these ingredients would simply work miracles on your skin! Want to know about such cool natural sunscreens? Here are some which you must try!

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is a soothing and skin smoothening ingredient which also works as a protective layer for your skin. This super cool ingredient would fight skin issues and would also keep your skin protected from sun rays. It is an awesome ingredient which is filled with skin protecting ingredients, enzymes and elements which would never fail to make your skin bright and smooth! If you have dry skin, applying little aloe Vera gel on your skin before you step out in the sun, would have magical effects on your skin and would keep it bright, beautiful and flawless!

Aloe Vera Gel

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is such an awesome fermented food with flawless impact on your skin. It would not only fight sunrays but would also keep your skin hydrated and moist. whenever your skin gets extremely dry and undernourished, it can cause issues and dryness. The under nourished skin easily can attract germs and sun rays. The de hydrated skin is an easy target for your sun rays and thus, yogurt would help in protecting the skin from such issues! Apply some yogurt on your skin everyday and protect your skin from getting damaged!


3. Papaya Crush

Papayas are not only awesome anti tanning ingredients but it would also make your skin protected from sun damage and dust! Your skin needs to be hydrated and nourished if you want to battle sun damage. In such cases, ripe papayas are awesome and would keep your skin flawless. Crush some ripen papayas and apply this paste on your skin. Let it work for few minutes and rinse! This would surely keep your skin bright, moisturized and nourished! Nothing would work as magically on your skin as this super stunning paste!

Papaya Crush

4. Essential Oil Mix

Essential oils are flawless and can protect the skin from different issues. F you have extremely dry skin, you can try this superb combination of oils which would act as a sun screen for your skin. The base oil is coconut oil which is the perfect ingredient for fighting kin damage. People generally apply this super cool oil on the skin which would protect from sunrays and works as an anti tanning oil. Mix some coconut oil and lavender oil and massage your skin with this superb mixture. For treating your dry skin and to protect form sun rays, this is the best sunscreen you can use!

Essential Oil

5. Honey And Milk Sunscreen

Honey is a flawless ingredient which would get you magical sun protection. Milk is a coo ingredient which would keep your skin smooth, radiant and free from tanning. If you regularly apply milk and honey on your skin, it would simply make your skin tight, healthy and flawless! This mixture would keep sun rays away and would also act as an anti pigmentation mixture you ever wanted!

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