5 Best Herbal Remedies For Snoring

Snoring also called as “sawing logs” is the harsh sound occurring when your breathing obstructs in some way while you are sleeping. The sound of snoring can be very loud and unpleasant and may be a first sign of obstructive sleep Apnea. Children and adults can have snoring and estimates that 45 percent of men and 35 percent of women snore on regular basis.


Snoring caused due to fat gathering around the throat, tension in the muscles, throat weakness or obstruction in nasal passageway. Sleeping with too many pillows and lying on the back also causes snoring causing psychological and social damage to the sufferers.

Symptoms of snoring include sore throat, restless sleep, high blood pressure, chest pain, excessive daytime sleepiness or noise during sleep. Snoring can cause health effects of sleep deficit for partner as well significant relationship issues. Below given are a few herbs, which will help to treat your snore.

Herbal Remedies For Snoring


One of the main causes of a person snoring is if a person is suffering from cold. Eucalyptus is an herbal decongestant here, clearing the deposition of mucus, opening air passages and thinning it in a natural way. Steam inhaler works wonders to treat snoring.

Just take a bowl of hot water and pour few drops of eucalyptus oil, place a hot towel over your head and breathe deeply. This is best option completely safe for children as well adults.

Eucalyptus Leaves


Fenugreek is another best herbal decongestant having expectorant properties helping to soften and dissolve hardened accumulated mucus, and thereby helping to clean the lymphatic system. A simple procedure to use this herb, simply soak few seeds of fenugreek in water so as to reduce the bitterness and soften them or else add a teaspoon of powdered fenugreek in water and consume it before hitting the bed. This remedy will work like a miracle to treat your snore.



Thyme is an aromatic herb having small leaves with purple flowers, which has been useful in treating many respiratory health conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and cold, other than flavoring food.

When you inhale the essential oils of this herb, it helps to widen air passages, therefore helping to make a smooth and uninterrupted flow of air. Thyme, taken in tea form or as room diffuser enables to inhale regularly all night and help in undisturbed sleep. This will help to either decrease or eliminate your snore.

Thyme Leaves

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Peppermint is an aromatic plant having purple flowers, which works like a charm to alleviate your snoring dilemma. Menthol is the main active constituent in peppermint, which acts as a powerful decongestant, thereby helping to loosen phylum and soothe throat and sinuses, which are the two main causes of snoring.

Inhalers and room diffusers containing menthol are the best options. An herbal mint tea is also another good option as it helps to reduce the tendency to snore as well improves good quality of sleep.

Peppermint Tea


Lavender again is a best herb which has greenish leaves emitting a sweet scent. It helps to alleviate stress and is very effective for variety of sleep disorders. Lavender has a calming and sedative effect when inhaled and promotes relaxation, thereby improving the quality of sleep. Use this herb as an inhaler, herbal tea or room diffuser.

Herbs such as chamomile, catnip, oat fiber, spearmint, Valerian, marjoram and hops help to alleviate your snoring dilemma.

Lavender Tea

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