5 Best Cardio Exercises For Troubled Knees

Cardio Exercises For Troubled Knees

Cardio exercises can be extremely strenuous if your knees or joints are hurting. However, there are some easy yet effective exercises that you can try without having to worry about your troubled knees. These exercises are specially designed to improve endurance levels and allows you to continue workout sessions even when you have certain problems. It increases upper body strength, pumps up the heart rate and therefore, makes them perfect for burning the extra calories.

Each of these cardio exercises must be practiced for at least 30 seconds and the entire set must be repeated 5 to 7 times, depending on your endurance levels. The best part of these exercises is it can be done with minimal pressure on your knees and ankles.

Let’s Find Out 5 Best Cardio Exercises That You Can Practice With Troubled Knees:

1. Swimming

Swimming is an incredible workout and one of the best cardio exercises. It not only burns lots of calories, it is a fun exercise that will not make you sweat. It increases the heart rate and therefore, helps you lose as much calories as you would in a running session. It is safe for troubled knees and do not exert a lot of pressure on your legs. Regular swimming not only meets your fitness goals, it keeps you active and energized throughout the day. It is in fact a great fitness regime during the hot summer months when you are hardly motivated to sweat out.


2. Yoga And Pilates

Recently yoga and Pilates have been chosen as preferred workouts by many. Different types of yoga and Pilates exercises can also be beneficial for people with troubled knees. It helps to develop upper body and core strength. A combination of these two exercise regimes will keep you fit and these cardio vascular exercises are also beneficial for improving the body’s flexibility. However, it is best to start under expert supervision, especially if you have troubled areas in your body that needs special care and attention.

Yoga And Pilates

3. Cycling

An extremely effective cardio vascular exercise, cycling is ideal for troubled knees. It not only lowers the pressure on your knees, but also helps to workout with full efficiency. Cycling can be practiced at home or outside, depending on the equipment you are using. It is in fact a great exercise to improve the flexibility of joints and at times, reduce knee pain.


4. Speed Walking

If you are suffering from bad knees, opt for speed walking instead of jogging or running. It is a great cardio exercise that works on your upper, mid and lower body muscles. It is an ideal exercise for the entire body and puts little stress on the knees, in particular. But, always wear comfortable walking shoes and start with a smooth walking surface. Gradually, as your strength increases, go for longer walks or hiking tours.

Speed Walking

5. Elliptical

A low impact cardio exercise, elliptical is ideal for troubled knees. It puts very little pressure on the knee joints and even if you are suffering from an acute problem, it can be regularly practiced. However, you need to make use of your hands and legs at the same time when performing elliptical exercises. It can in fact be chosen as an alternative to running on the treadmill. Elliptical increases your heart rate and it burns as much calorie as running. So, it is advised for people who are looking for high performance cardio exercises.


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