5 Benefits Of Orange Juice


Orange is probably the most favourite and favoured fruit for many of us. It has a unique taste which many citrus fruits do not have. Orange is sweet and sour: a perfect combination and a perfect taste for many of us. Many of us have fruit juices and orange juice is one of the most commonly had and made juices. Orange juice is has numerous health benefits.

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Orange Juice Are Mentioned Below

To Keep The Blood Pressure Levels In Control

A lot of us have blood pressure related issues and problems. Orange juice is one such juice which helps in keeping the blood pressure levels in control. The reason for orange juice being good in keeping blood pressure level in control is the magnesium content contained present in the fruit. Magnesium helps in bringing back the disturbed (low or high) blood pressure level back to normal.

 Blood Pressure

Helps Us Lose Weight

Most of us are dealing with excess weight. We all want to shed off the excess weight. Weight loss is a major concern for many of us. Orange is a citrus fruit and filled with nutrients anti oxidants. Many people believe that consumption of orange juice helps in cutting down the extra pounds and kilos.Prevention of Cancer: Orange has a rich content of Vitamin C. Most of us do not know that Vitamin C works as antioxidant. An antioxidant helps in preventing cancer. Hence, regular intake of orange juice prevents cancer.

Helps To Lose Weight

Controls Cholesterol

Today a lot of people suffer from high cholesterol. High cholesterol is one of the primary reasons for cardiovascular diseases. Many people are suffering from heart attacks, strokes or heart related issues. Consumption of orange juice can reduce the levels.


Treat Inflammation

As mentioned earlier, orange is a citrus fruit and has high nutritional value. Citrus fruits are good anti inflammatory agents. Therefore orange juice can be used for curing inflammation problems.


Glowing Skin

Consumption of orange juice adds a glow to the skin and helps in making it look younger and fresh. It adds a certain radiance to the skin.


These are a few benefits of orange juice. Persons consuming fruit juices and vegetable juices shall be careful to consume fresh juices. Fresh juices are most beneficial and effective. Orange juice ahs various health benefits and can be easily made at home. It is preservative free and shall be consumed regularly for health benefits.

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